The Drive Editors’ Favorite Mechanic’s Tools and Garage Gear

After decades of broken knuckles, singed eyebrows, and snapped bolts, this is the gear we keep close by.

byChris Teague, Jonathon Klein, Tony Markovich|
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We all have our favorite tools. Those special pieces of metal and plastic we go to sleep with, and which’s batteries have been replaced more times than we can count. They’re our go-tos, our third hands, the perfect tools for every job. The Drive’s grease monkey editors have similar cherished totems, too.

Collectively, we’ve been wrenching on cars for six decades, and in that time, we’ve broken enough tools for the cream of those devices to rise to the top. We have identified the tools that will never fail you. (Ed. The Drive’s editors accept no liability if you stick one of these in liquid hot magma and expect it to be ok after. That’s on you.

In an effort to offer our wisdom and knowledge after bouts of trial and error and wasted money, we’ve put together a list of our favorite tools and garage gear you should consider adding to your inventory. This list includes everything from indispensable pocket knives to necessary tire pressure gauges, and even the ever-necessary, and Red Green-approved duct tape. 

We’ve broken down our list into three categories to make your life easier: every day carry (EDC), for your garage, and in your car. Open up those wallets! Just kidding, they’re all reasonably priced!


This is the stuff you want on you all the time.


The stuff you need in your garage.

In Your Car

You guessed it, this is what you absolutely should have in your car.

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