Holiday Gift Idea: Zus Locator Answers, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Somebody on your list needs this gadget. Maybe more than one somebody.

byMichael Frank| PUBLISHED Dec 9, 2015 4:29 PM
Holiday Gift Idea: Zus Locator Answers, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Here’s the scenario: You park in a crowded lot. You drive either a black or silver or white car, which makes you like 75 percent of Americans. You enter the big box store. Nine years later, with a cart crammed full of stuff you don’t need, you have no idea where your car is. That is, until you get the Zus Smart Charger and Car Locator.

This sweet little dongle has two USBs and super-smart hardware that knows which kind of phone it’s charging, so it juices just like the factory option that came with your LG/Samsung/Moto/iOS… or Windows Phone if you use one of those.

Now the nuts-cool part. Download the Zus Locator app and pair your charger. When you park, the app captures the location of your silver AMC Eagle and no matter how long it’s been since you parked, the app remembers where you parked and works like a compass to direct you back to your rusting tub of joy.

And the killer part is that it uses your smartphone’s GPS chip to find the car, rather than the cell signal, so even if you parked at a trailhead in the woods with zero cell service you can still find your way back to your rig.

All that said, this isn’t a theft-proofing device. So if your car is stolen you’re still S.O.L., because the way the app works is to “drop a virtual pin” in the phone from where your car was when you last shut it off. Translation: It doesn’t track the car’s location if it’s moved, if a pal borrows it, or if your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who still had the spare key decides they still hate you.

Still, happy holidays, right?