Design: Tweaked Automotive Brings The Spectre Edition Defender to The Consumer

These Land Rovers are equipped with everything but the rocket launcher.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Sep 23, 2016 5:43 PM

Today in Design we take a look at Tweaked Automotive’s Spectre Edition Land Rover Defender. Available in both the 90 and 110 model, Tweaked Automotive has fully spec’d out the Defender to perfectly replicate the vehicle featured in the James Bond Film. Coming equipped with everything from tow ropes to a beefed up suspension, these Land Rovers are ready to traverse the harshest terrain possible. Although Tweaked Automotive has designed the build to replicate the movie car, you can add or subtract parts to your liking. That being said, expect your defender to come with tons of flood lights, a heavy-duty winch and the obligatory snorkel.