Rob Stumpf

Rob Stumpf

Tech Writer

After putting down the camera and leaving the tuner car scene behind, Rob has been covering the beat for The Drive since early 2017. Rob’s blend of technology and automotive backgrounds coupled with his industry insight give a unique perspective of what the future of tech-focused mobility holds. Rob lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with his wife and three dogs.


  • Strong technical expertise with focus in connected technologies and cyber security.
  • Holds eight industry-recognized certifications in the technology field.
  • Additional bylines at Popular Science


Despite being a habitual car nut, Rob’s formal background in computer engineering—meaning he can build your car, and your computer (for the right price). The two industries are becoming related more now than ever before, and his fifteen years of expertise in cutting-edge tech lends to his reporting on tech-focused subjects from a distinctive perspective. Rob’s reporting focuses on how the automotive world is changing around technology, with a dash of enthusiast content sprinkled in to keep things fresh. He prides himself in praising legitimate emerging new car tech, and figuring out which are just bridges for sale in disguise.


Rob holds a Bachelors in Computer Science, has eight industry certifications covering various areas of technology, and has ongoing postgraduate studies in cybersecurity at Purdue.

Words of Wisdom

Going fast sideways means you’re either having a really good time, or a really bad one. Wear your seatbelt either way.


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