You Can Build a Working Model of a 1966 Porsche 911 Engine

The only tool you need is a screwdriver.

byEric Brandt| UPDATED Feb 8, 2019 5:17 AM
You Can Build a Working Model of a 1966 Porsche 911 Engine

Ever wanted to build a classic Porsche engine without the mess? If so, you’re in luck today—and you don’t even have to make a big financial investment. Franzis sells a super accurate 1:4 scale model of the 2.0-liter flat six from the original air-cooled Porsche 911.

The model comes with about 280 components, including a transparent engine casing, a full exhaust system, LED spark plugs, a real distributor, and timing “chains” (which are actually belts). You even get little head gaskets, which are completely unnecessary, since there’s no oil. When you’re done putting it together, you can run the engine on battery power and see exactly what goes on inside a real flat-six. (My favorite part is the little speaker that makes an authentic boxer engine sound when the motor is running.)

Detailed directions and a ton of screws are included. There’s no glue needed, and the only tool required to put the whole thing together is a screwdriver. Assembling this model is much cheaper, much cleaner, and probably more fun than constructing a real Porsche motor.

It’s recommended for ages 10 and up, but we have a feeling that most people who buy this are much older than 10. If there’s a kid in your life with a budding Porsche obsession or just an interest in engineering, this would be a perfect gift. Otherwise, if you’ve always wanted a working model Porsche engine on your mantle, here’s your opportunity. Now, all we need is the rest of a 911 in 1:4 size.

Check out this hypnotic video of this model being built by Flat Six Fanatics.