NIO Teases ‘Blue Sky’ Production Car Ahead of Shanghai

The production EV is set to launch in the Chinese market.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED Apr 10, 2017 5:05 PM
NIO Teases ‘Blue Sky’ Production Car Ahead of Shanghai

NIO, the Chinese EV company responsible for the EP9 electric supercar, posted a teaser for its upcoming production car on its Facebook page several days ago. Admittedly, we aren't shown much other than the shrouded shoulder and roof line (of what is likely a crossover) plus the tagline, "Blue Sky Coming". What we see bears a strong resemblance to NIO's eve "Vision Car," which is detailed in a video that feels like the set up like an episode of Black Mirror. It features a little girl talking through what her ideal car of the future will be like. According to NIO, the car of the future will be more like a "spaceship on wheels" with "special powers" such as the ability to be summoned by its owner, "magical" doors that open with a wave of the hand, and, of course, the ability to drive itself. 

Will NIO's upcoming "Blue Sky" production car be a Skype-enabled, self-driving, slightly creepy living-room-on-wheels? Probably not to this extent, but we'd be surprised if it doesn't have some autonomy, and with a decent number of screened surfaces on the inside. 

NIO is set to reveal their production-ready crossover at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month, with plans to launch it in the Chinese market.