This 2JZ-Powered BMW M5 Makes 800 Horsepower

If you were looking for a manic German-Japanese cross, this is it.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Mar 21, 2017 2:47 PM
This 2JZ-Powered BMW M5 Makes 800 Horsepower

Technica Motorsport has done this sort of thing before. They're known for their work with the BMW E9X (E90, E92, E93) platform, promoting the strength of the Bimmer's powertrain and chassis dynamics. They even stuffed an S65 V8 from the E92 M3 into a 135i in this episode of /TUNED, showcasing their know-how with the matter at hand. Now, they've taken on a bit of an unusual project of transplanting a 2JZ twin turbo I6 engine from the Toyota Supra into an E39 M5 ... then pumping it up to 800

on what they call "a conservative tune". Yikes.

The owner says there's still plenty of room to fiddle with this engine. According to him, it runs a 79mm Precision turbo that can support 1,200—1,400 horsepower to the wheels—maybe the biggest number seen in an M5 with any engine configuration. We've known that the 2JZ can make these numbers reliably for some time, but it's especially entertaining to see it in a base as unusual as this.

This "One Take" from The Smoking Tire shows Matt Farah testing out the car's capabilities on backroads near Atlanta, GA. Although it does run a crazy amount of horsepower and features widebody fenders, this is undoubtedly a street car. Sure, it could put down impressive figures at the drag strip, but late night freeway runs are this thing's bread and butter. 

Is there anything else that can be added to this build to make the internet love it even more? We don't think so. If you think of anything, let us know in the comments. Until then, it's just a turbocharged, 2JZ-powered, widebodied, street racing E39 M5.