Watch This F30 BMW 3-Series Get T-Boned By A Camaro At A Car Meet

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

byDanny Choy| UPDATED Mar 7, 2017 4:04 PM
Watch This F30 BMW 3-Series Get T-Boned By A Camaro At A Car Meet

A 15-second video on Facebook went viral this week. It's an exciting 15 seconds for sure, but obviously not long enough to answer many questions about what we just saw. Amateur footage from what appears to be a potato with a 3 megapixel camera (in portrait mode, no less) captured the moment a F30 BMW turns into the middle of the street and gets T-boned hard by a gen. 4 Chevy Camaro. Check out the video from the Car Porn Facebook page below:

Geez, what the hell just happened there? Where does one even begin? When young men with fast cars get together late at night, you can be sure that someone at some point is going to want to show off. Since the camera is pointed towards the white BMW at the beginning of the video, it's safe to assume the driver is about to pull off some sort of antic – perhaps a donut – that ended up looking more like a U-turn. Meanwhile, it appears that a Camaro just so happened to be involved in its own shenanigans at the same time, traveling substantially over the speed limit down the street. 

From what can be seen in the video, the Camaro driver doesn't even have time to brake before slamming into the side of the BMW sedan. A crowd of people rush to the cars immediately after the crash, but we never get to see if the drivers are OK from the big impact. 

If there's something we can learn from this viral video, it's this: the street doesn't belong to you just because there's a camera pointing at you. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.