Forget The Walking Dead: This Show Nails Post-Apocalyptic Driving

Last Man on Earth knows how to actually drive if civilization died.

bySean Evans|
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Last Man On Earth and The Walking Dead are both whoops-a-virus-annihilated-mankind type of shows. That’s where the similarities end. Walking wrings narrative tension from the undead and competing survivalist tribes, while Last Man paints a more pastoral existence: America is an empty playground for generally happy protagonist Phil Miller (Will Forte). Plus, with no functioning traffic lights, it’s a drivers’ utopia. The Walking Dead’s fleet could be recast, but the cars in Last Man are precisely what The Drive would drive.

2006 Prevost Marathon Bus


Last Man opens with Miller scouring the states for fellow survivors in this beaut of a bus. Comfortable on long hauls, it suits the post-apocalypse, which is nothing if not a long haul. Bed down in luxury each night,use on-board generators to power plenty of creature comforts (refrigerator, TV, etc). The 16-ton monster is equally effective as a durable battering ram, so there’s not much that could hinder your progress. The downside is the abysmal fuel economy—seven to nine miles per gallon—but at least filling up would be free.

2014 Chevy Silverado Z71


Phil’s daily driver for the first few episodes. The crew cab means ample space for sporting equipment doubling as your imaginary friends. Use it for fun—Phil proves the 5.3-liter V8 is the perfect launch vessel to hurl dozens of bowling balls into a wall of fish tanks—or to haul life’s necessities back to your nest; either way it’ll be your trusty steed. It’s even resilient enough to withstand plowing through the facade of a store, if that’s your thing.

Hyster C 350 Drum Roller


No need to be practical when there’s a drum roller at your disposal. Channel Phil and impress your date by crushing cans and cases of beer. Because flattening things is a rollicking good time. A beefier Hyster C350B makes an appearance in season two.

2005 Ford Mustang S197


Considering this fifth-gen ‘Stang begat the Shelby GT 500, the Coyote and a revived Boss 302, it’s a travesty that we never see it driven. Instead, gas cans are strapped to the door and Phil bowls an ‘02 Toyota Camry—lit fuse affixed to the nose—down a parking ramp at the poor unsuspecting coupe. Upon impact, there’s a sizable fireball and one fewer Mustang in the world.

1998 Lincoln Town Car Limo


It’s less elegant and braggadocious than a $2.5 million tour bus, but it’s still a solid choice if you’re looking for easy cruising with decent sleeping space in the back. This is the ride Melissa arrived with—though Phil promptly t-bones her, ruining both the limo and the Z71.

2013 Audi R8 Spyder


Pay homage to the death of billions of humans by choosing an impractical sports car over a Hyundai Tuscan. That’s what Todd did with the somewhat defensible (it has all-wheel-drive) R8, which he uses to find Phil’s enclave in Arizona. There’s a shot of the Audi screaming down a deserted 10-lane highway, all ten cylinders firing a loud salute to the departed.

Hummer H2 Stretch Limo


Nothing screams ‘Murica like an H2 stretch job, replete with the neon underbody kit. Phil uses one in an woefully unsuccessful attempt to bed Melissa (which is how men in the pre-Apocalyptic world currently use the H2 stretch). We’d take it off-roading and see how long it takes to kill it.

1984 International Harvester Cargostar Garbage Truck


Just because society’s gone doesn’t mean you have to live like an animal. You’ll need a trash hauler, but why opt for a modern iteration when you can have a classic? It’s not flashy or stylish but it’ll get the job done, assuming the job is cleaning out all the crap that you’ve tossed in an emptied swimming pool for half a year.

2003 Chevy Kodiak RV


The Kodiak’s standard 325 horsepower 8.1-liter V8 will keep you moving at a steady clip, even if you’re hauling three trailers, as Phil and Carol do. It’s smaller and more nimble than a Prevost, but still packs a luxurious punch in terms of quarters. It’s perfect for when your reprehensible behavior gets you ousted from your current clique and you need a place to live while scheming how to get back in their good graces.

Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit


If you could creep around Washington D.C. in a stealth bomber, wouldn’t you? There’s no need to take it airborne, because in the unlikely event you can get it off the ground, the chances of surviving the flight are nill. Take a page from Phil’s book and stick to the city streets. It handles 90-degree corners surprisingly well despite it’s 172’ wingspan.