Mercedes Wants to Continue Building Diesel Models

The forward thinking company takes a gamble in an emission-tightened world.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jan 12, 2017 11:00 PM
Mercedes Wants to Continue Building Diesel Models

Mercedes Benz doesn't seem to be phased by the anxiety that diesels bring to other automakers. While others are being criticized and financially torn apart, Benz decides to keep on with their program, aiming towards clean and attainable efficiency. In a recent statement, the manufacturer released that they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

They want to do diversify their market, and with good reason. Although many may be scared of diesels with VW's everlasting scandal, Mercedes sees it as an opportunity to carry on the original purpose behind the technology -- bringing a more economical alternative to gasoline. They know that their main target audience isn't in the US, as Mercedes R&D Head Ola Källenius pointed out. "I think it does have a relevant place, but the market for diesel is in Europe." The Europeans have proven to love their combustion-ignition rides, touting them with pride as they bring more money to their wallets. So what does that mean for us Americans?

We'll still get them. Mercedes' main focus for the US may be electrified, but they still plan on presenting the option for years to come. American consumers have finally fallen in love with the idea of EVs, doing away with manufacturers' anxiety towards further development. By continuing to offer diesels in the US, it gives Mercedes Benz a challenge towards developing cleaner burning engines that emit less CO2. This not only helps them here, but on the other side of the pond too. 

Källenius says "I think it's crucial we continue to develop this technology." In doing so, it broadens their market and promises more returns to the brand. At this rate, Mercedes will be able to offer such a wide variety of products that are driven in many ways -- a feature that's certainly attractive.

Even if others don't follow suit, Mercedes Benz seems positive about their brand's future regarding diesel powered cars. It gives them unique options that might not be available for much longer.