Denmark’s Miley Cyrus Made an Homage to Mad Max and Raging Face

You’ve never partied this hard. Especially not in Kiev.

byBen Keeshin|
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For the uninitiated, MØ is a Danish electropop star. Here name is both an acronym for her middle and last names, Marie Ørsted, and Danish slang for “virgin.” She has a Madonna-like tendency toward sexual provocation, a sound not unlike critical darling Grimes, Miley Cyrus’ athleisureware-enabled dance moves and a heap of Bjørk’s unalloyed, low-country weirdness. Suffice it to say, MØ is very cool.

Recently, she provided vocals for Major Lazer’s huge international dance hit “Lean On,” and has followed up that success with a major single release of her own, “Kamikaze.” The song is high-quality mid-tempo dance music about youthful indifference and the right to party; the video was shot in an abandoned lot in Kiev, Ukraine. There’s a little rascally tussling, a litany of headdresses, a gold-painted tire throne and a lot of Nike sportswear. Car stunts, undertaken in some trashed Russian-market economy, are less meticulous versions of the aerobatics M.I.A. used in “Bad Girls.”

A great beat, a Danish ingenue and Ukrainian dirt—a festival of edgy, post-Soviet chic. Play it at your Halloween bash and folks will think you’re cool. And maybe Danish.

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