Train Derailment Kills 120 Innocent BMW X-Models

The world has slightly fewer German luxury SUV’s now.

byCaleb Jacobs|
BMW News photo

It happened again. Actually, I don't think this has happened before. At least not in a while.

Anyhow, there was a major transportation malfunction today including what would have been 120 of the freshest BMW X-Model SUV's. The derailment ensued today in Blaire, South Carolina en route to the Charleston manufacturing plant.The amount of damage is unspecified at this point.

Each variant of the X-Family lineup was affected, including the X3, X4, X5, and X6 -- though we don't know how many of each were damaged. These BMW X'ers were sent from the company's factory near Spartanburg, South Carolina, a plant that ships appromixately 70 percent of X-Models manufactured at that facility. They were set to be exported overseas, as do many of the vehicles manufactured there.

BMW workers are being sent out to assess the losses due to the accident. When taking into account the estimate cost of each vehicle, this may shape up to be quite the loss for the manufacturer. In result of the crash, the train's tracks were significantly damaged, those the cause of the wreck is currently unknown. 12 rail cars were involved, each carrying 10 cars, thus reaching the grand total of 120 Bimmers. Despite the aftermath, neither of the two crew members aboard the Norfolk Southern train were injured.