Let Nao Tell You the Story of Her Ridox Toyota MK IV Supra Turbo

Nao has owned this stunning ruby Toyota Supra Turbo for 10 years, but her journey is only beginning.

byDanny Choy| PUBLISHED Aug 1, 2017 1:49 PM
Let Nao Tell You the Story of Her Ridox Toyota MK IV Supra Turbo

Ten years of car ownership is an important milestone—you've made some memorable stories with your car, but your once shiny ride is now showing its age. So do you sell it and move on, or is this only the beginning of the journey? For Nao San, the choice was clear.

Nao has owned her Supra for 10 years and before that, she owned three others since she got her license at 18. Apparently, her passion for the JZA80 is for life. Before this particular Supra Turbo, she owned a naturally aspirated trim with VVTI. However, the slower throttle response convinced her to find something that packed a bigger punch.

Enter the Supra Turbo we see here. With a light ECU tune and an increase in boost, Nao's Supra Turbo makes about 460 horsepower, more than enough to enjoy the wide open Tokyo expressway.

As for the exterior, Nao didn't give her Supra the aero treatment until two years ago. The renowned aero brand Ridox, owned by legendary pro-drifter and SuperGT driver Manabu 'Max' Orido, is synonymous with the MK IV Supra and Nao decided to go with the Ridox front bumper, carbon fiber lip, fender aero, side skirt, wide body rear fender and GT wing for that aggressive track-focused look. Last, but not least, Nao chose a ruby purple color change and topped it all off with a pattern of golden sakura flowers for the finishing touch.

For Nao, the joy of owning a Supra doesn't come from race or drifting, but from simply enjoying it on the streets:

"First of all, driving is fun. Driving also makes me feel relaxed. I feel connected with my Supra while driving."

It's hard to believe the iconic MK IV Supra has been around for more than two decades. Yet despite its age, this striking Supra still manages to turn heads wherever it goes. When asked if there's anything else Nao would like to accomplish with her Supra, she admits the car's age means a lot of drivetrain components are showing wear and tear, so maintenance will have to be tackled first. That said, if money were no option, Nao humors the idea of dropping a large turbo and tuning her Supra for a 1000 horsepower build.

One can dream! Check out Nao's MK IV Supra Turbo below: