$188,600 McLaren 570S Crashes into House in England

The only thing seriously injured was the owner’s pocketbook. And this McLaren.

byChris Constantine|
$188,600 McLaren 570S Crashes into House in England


Poor you. You just got a bonus at work and bought that cool rear-wheel-drive sports car you've always wanted, but now it's wrapped around a lightpole because you don't know how drive it. Unfortunately, idiots crashing expensive supercars is common. As long as people have more money than brains, sports cars will be sacrificed. The latest exotic car to fall victim to potentially bad driving skills is a beautiful McLaren 570S, which was totaled in an accident this weekend in the United Kingdom. 

According to an article published by Sky News, an orange McLaren 570S erupted into flames after crashing into a house in Wiltshire on Sunday morning. Authorities have yet to determine the cause of the crash, but they say that the car's occupants escaped the vehicle with no major injuries and there was no one in the house at the time. Fire crews extinguished the fire quickly, but the car was a completely destroyed. 

The 570S is McLaren's "entry-level" supercar, equipped with a 562 horsepower turbocharged V8 and a base price of $188,600. The results of this crash are a testament to the amazing safety features that modern supercars provide, allowing people to walk away from high-speed crashes with little to no injuries. However, drivers should still take caution and know their limits before potentially purchasing more car than they can handle.