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Here Are 4 Taylor Swift Motorcades We Would Love to See

If The Drive were T-Swizzle’s fleet manager…

With undeniable pop chops that melt the faces off even the toughest guys, Taylor Swift is an unstoppable force in the universe. And sometimes, she’s a force for good.

Swift flew 125 crew members from the 1989 world tour to Hamilton Island, Australia, like it was just buying pizzas for the gaffers. She just, uh, shook off the price tag.

With the $200 million she grossed on the 1989 tour, T-Swizzle could afford to get creative in how she ferried 125 people around a prime holiday destination. Our advice, Taylor? Listen to us next time. Here are four convoy-ready vehicles to take on the next vacation you take when you roll 125-deep.

2015 Hennessey HPE500 Chevrolet Suburban

Hennessy Performance

Since time is money, we figured Taylor would opt for a gaggle of 500-horsepower ‘Burbans to quickly haul her loyal crewmembers to their next destination. Although you can pretty much find a Suburban in any town in America, we feel this muscular whale is at home at the foot of Aspen.

Number of vehicles needed: 18

1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer


Since Taylor once had a house on Cape Cod, we felt it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the pop star take her crew out that way in a fleet of classic old Wagoneers. The automotive mascot for the preppy New Englander, the Grand Wagoneer is definitely a fitting choice for the 1989 crew. Granted, half of the fleet might break down en route.

Number of vehicles needed: 25

1974 Triumph TR6


Although this may not seem like the obvious car for one of Taylor’s lavish vacations, it makes total sense if she decided to bring her crew to East Hampton. Loaded to the gills with vintage sports cars, the Hamptons are more than an upscale beach community; it is a never-ending car show. Skip the blacked-out Sprinters for sleek, sexy, temperamental Brits.

Number of vehicles needed: 63

2015 Ford F-350 Super Duty Dually


This list wouldn’t be complete unless we went back to Taylor’s country roots, where she sung about good ol’ boys and pickup trucks. We feel that Taylor would take a curious shining to the big bad dually. Head deep into the West Virginia and roll some coal, girl!

Number of vehicles needed: 25