Criminal Charges Against NASCAR Driver Jordan Anderson Dropped Due to Lack of Evidence

The Truck Series competitor insists he didn’t know the racing truck he purchased was stolen.

byAmanda Vincent| UPDATED Oct 3, 2018 1:00 PM
Criminal Charges Against NASCAR Driver Jordan Anderson Dropped Due to Lack of Evidence

Charges against NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Jordan Anderson for possession of a stolen vehicle have been dropped because of insufficient evidence, according to the Rowan County, North Carolina court clerk’s office.

"This has been quite a humbling lesson in being a new team owner, and the importance of discerning who you do business with," Anderson said in a statement he released Tuesday. "I take great honor in representing to the best of my ability my fans, partners, and family, and am grateful for your grace, support, and prayers through this all. Nine months ago when we put into action the idea and dream of starting up our own team to compete, the main principle was, and is, to have faith, respect, and integrity serve as the pillar to every action and decision that is made with ownership."

Anderson purchased a race truck from one Robert Newling, but Newling didn’t own the vehicle. Instead, the truck was owned by Truck Series competitor Mike Harmon. Anderson has since returned the truck and Newling has been arrested for larceny of a stolen vehicle and is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 21. A warrant was issued for Anderson, but he was never arrested.

Anderson insists he didn’t know the truck was stolen when he purchased it.

"My life verse has been and will continue to be Proverbs 3: 5-6,” Anderson’s statement read. "I take great hope in knowing that God allows everything in life to happen for a reason and will apply what God has taught me through this as motivation to keep my relationship with Him first in everything that we do.”

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said last week that Anderson was supposed to turn himself in Sept. 20 but didn’t do so, and he refused to relinquish the truck. Anderson, though, claims he has been cooperative since learning of the investigation.

"We have been cooperating with the investigation through counsel since I was notified about there being a potential warrant for my arrest while we were racing in Las Vegas,” Anderson said. "My attorney has stayed in constant contact with the Rowan County District Attorney handling the case to reach a resolution, which has resulted in charges being dropped and a voluntary dismissal being filed earlier this morning without the need of a formal arrest. The race truck in question was delivered earlier this week to a location desired by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department.”

The Truck Series raced at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sept. 14.