This Video Shows That Race Car Maintenance Isn’t Always Difficult

In fact, tasks like changing the oil can often be easier than on your standard road car.

UPDATED Aug 15, 2018 3:14 PM
This Video Shows That Race Car Maintenance Isn’t Always Difficult

Stephan Papadakis, owner of the successful Papadakis Racing Formula Drift team, has been showcasing some behind the scenes content in between the rounds of the 2018 FD season. 

He previously disassembled the 1,000-horsepower four-cylinder engine from driver Fredric Aasbo's Toyota Corolla drift car, and in another clip, he took the Corolla to get dyno tested where it reached the almighty four-digit power figure

For Papadakis' recent behind the scenes video, he explains how easy simple maintenance can be when it comes to purpose-built drift machines. He changes the oil in Aasbo's power-crazed Corolla, a relatively similar task to doing the same in a consumer car. In all, there are some quirks that make it different than a Corolla from the factory, but it's still straightforward and can be done by almost anyone with the proper tools. The oil tank, for example, is in the cabin with the driver, though blocked off to adhere to Formula Drift rules. Papadakis then goes on to show viewers how they are probably pouring oil bottles wrong and have been all their lives, but as they say, if you know—you know. 

To get all of the details, check out Papadakis Racing's how-to video below.

After six rounds of the current Formula Drift season, Papadakis Racing and Aasbo currently sit in second place. The team won the most recent event at Gateway Motorsports Park near St. Louis, and now, they sit just 30 points behind lead driver and 2017 champion James Deane.

You can see Papadakis Racing and Fredric Aasbo compete next at Texas Motor Speedway located near Fort Worth for Formula Drift's seventh event of the season on September 14-15.