Force India Formula 1 Team Not Changing Name for 2018

Previously rumored to be changing its name before the Australian Grand Prix, the Force India team name will stand for 2018.

F1 photo


Drama has recently been plaguing the Force India Formula 1 team. Back in 2017, Force India’s team owner Vijay Mallya was charged $1.4 billion for fraud when it failed to pay India-run banks back for a failed airline venture. The team has toyed with the idea of changing its name. The main consideration is to drop the "India" from the team's name, possibly because of Mallya's supposed debt to the Indian government.

“It’s a shareholder's decision, and they’ve got to take their time to get it right,” Deputy Team Principal Bob Fernley told Motorsport. “Force India had a very clear brand objective when it was launched, and today it’s a recognized brand within F1. So whatever you do for the future has to be really measured and well thought out going forward."

Mallya has been on the fence about changing the team's name for a while. He was rumored to be making the team name change before the upcoming Australian Grand Prix, but the first race of the season is already upon us. 

Regarding why Mallya named the team Force India, Mallya previously told Motorsport. "When I started out and bought the team 10 years ago, there was a reason why I named the team Force India—only because I wanted to capture the imaginations and aspirations of millions of Indians who are motorsport fans, I hoped that there would be a race in India, and I hoped that there would be many Indian sponsors." Later, he realized the team name restricted sponsorship opportunities.

For 2018, the "India" stands.