Watch the Stig Attempt a New Speed Record—in a Bumper Car

A record-breaking attempt in Colin Furze’s mad creation.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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If you've ever looked at a bumper car and thought, I wonder how fast this sucker can really go, it appears that today you've finally got an answer. The wonderful loons at the BBC and Top Gear reached out to Colin Furze, noted builder of incredibly dangerous things, to see if he could create a new vehicle for the Stig to mess around with in order to promote the new season of TG. With the only guideline being "make something slow go fast," Furze has spent the last month turning an old 1960's bumper car into a quarter-mile monster—and now, he and the Stig are ready to give the "fastest bumper car" record a shot.

In previous videos, Furze detailed the steps he took to strip down the crusty old carnival cast-off and rebuild it with a strengthened frame, which involved a lot of custom fabrication. Most importantly, he figured out how to fit a complete, 600cc 100 bhp sportbike engine underneath the tiny hood—though the driver does have to straddle it—and added a stronger handlebar steering system.

Once the bumper car was complete, BBC mailed him the Stig and the two set off for an airstrip with an officiant from the Guinness Book of World Records to make their run at history. Check out the video below to see just how fast the little machine was able to go.