Watch These Vintage Nissan Touring Cars Get Thrashed at Fuji Speedway

This video from this year’s NISMO Festival is nearly 20 minutes of pure Nissan madness.

byChris Constantine|
Nissan News photo

Despite wrapping up in late November, NISMO Festival 2017 has continued to pump out quality content for Nissan fans. From the awesome display of classic Datsuns and Nissan race cars to the action-packed races around the track in the shadow of Mount Fuji, there really was something for every Japanese car fan here.

NISMO TV broadcasted the full event with commentary and great footage, but our absolute favorite was their coverage of the Nismo Heritage race. During this 6-lap event, a huge group of vintage Datsun touring cars are driven hard around the circuit–– there will be crashes, breakdowns, and chaos. Think of it as the Japanese version of Goodwood Revival, except accidents are far less expensive.

This year's contenders included some race-ready Datsun 310s, B110s, 510s, and a Z Car or two. None of these cars are from some secret Nissan heritage center either, all of the examples on the track are privately-owned, as NISMO TV explains. 

Our favorite, of course, is the #32 Fairlady Z, but all of the classic Datsuns on the track are amazing to watch and listen to. What follows is one of the most entertaining exhibition races this year, where at one point 4 of the cars are thundering down the straight side by side. 

Below is the full 17-minute race, but we promise it goes by fast; those cars are addicting to watch.