Check Out This Amazing Display of Nismos at Nissan’s Heritage Center

Explore the history of Nissan's motorsport division with this rare glimpse of the Nismo vaults.

Those who attended Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway last week got to experience one of the largest gatherings of historic Nissans ever. Nismo TV was there covering the entire event, so fans who couldn’t make it to the town of Oyama, Japan could still experience this ridiculous car show. This year’s festival was quite spectacular, featuring a host of Skylines and countless Nismo race cars, rally cars, and one-offs, all puttering around the track at some point. 

You may be wondering where most of these vehicles came from, as they can’t all be owned by Nissan collectors. That is indeed the case, as most of these historic cars came from the Zama Heritage Center in Zama, Japan. Unfortunately, it isn’t open to the public, but Nismo TV was granted access to give us a taste of what all is housed here, and it’s quite impressive.

The “museum” stores more than 400 cars from the Nissan Heritage Collection, from the oldest Datsuns to the newest Nismo race cars. With cars like the only street-legal R390, Leaf Nismo race car, and the original Skylines, the collection has a lot to offer. Our favorites have to be the rally 240Zs, including the one piloted by Shehkar Mehta and Lofty Drews that won the 21st East African Safari Rally–– kept in its original rally condition. 

A photo gallery of many of the cars featured in the heritage facility can be found here, and make sure to check out Nismo TV’s coverage below for a taste of the vast amount of cars on display. It’s like heaven for Nissan fans.