Behind the Scenes of Ryan Tuerck’s GT4586 Portland Shoot

Donut Media shows what it took to make the GT4586 Portland shoot with Ryan Tuerck happen.

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We featured footage of Ryan Tuerck sending his Ferrari 458 V8 engined Toyota GT86 affectionately named the GT4586 into the side of the hillside during part of a hillclimb shoot for Donut Media two months ago. This week, Donut released a short behind-the-scenes video of filming that GT4586 clip. 

The best part of being a legit filming operation is when the cops come, you flash your fancy permits and the cops leave. That is what happened at the shoot. According to Tuerck, cops were called and they showed up, but the film crew had the correct permits to shut the street down and film there. While checking on the crew, the cop wanted an autograph from Tuerck. Tuerck wanted to sign the ticket book, but was only allowed to sign his notebook instead. 

The behind-the-scenes video features the "Tuerck'd" wreck when he sends the GT4586 into the hillside and it shows the logistics of fixing it to continue the shoot. I think the best part is, how do you fix your one of one race car build? You lift it with the same tool enthusiasts around the country do. With a Harbor Freight floor jack. The crew laid out tools all over the road to get the car fixed. 

Tuerck goes through a few of the issues they had to deal with during shooting the clip. Apparently, a crazy neighbor came down and yelled at the film crew. They were filming on a road, after all. Also, according to Tuerck, someone robbed a few people at gunpoint, drove by the GT4586 shoot, and was followed by cops about 10 minutes later who were looking for the robber. The things you will find at a car shoot. 

Check out Donut Media's GT4586 Behind-the-Scenes-Facebook video below.

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