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Toyota Transforms Hilux into Full-Size Remote-Controlled Pickup

We don't grow up, our toys just get bigger.

We all have heard the saying that goes along the lines of, “boys don’t grow up, their toys just get more expensive.” That saying couldn’t be more applicable in a recent video released by Toyota UK, we can see the famous Toyota Hilux Bruiser R/C toy, orginally built by Tamiya, transformed into a life size model. Produced in the 1980s, this iconic R/C car was a fan favorite among many, now it is in full scale and equally awesome.

The car keeps all the same livery you would find on the original toy and Toyota even opted to keep the pin latch hood, massive antenna, on-off switch and plenty of other little quarks that give the truck the distinct look of an R/C car. The build is based off the third generation Toyota Hilux and has the same powertrain, but a different suspension setup. The 163 horsepower pickup isn’t exactly a land rocket, but it certainly has a cult following and would more than likely do well in the US with the right engine. In fact, the Toyota Hilux was the number one selling vehicle in Australia during June 2017 with a total of 5,461 sold over the month.

The video got us thinking about other automotive toys we would love to see come to life and I for one would love to see the Tyco Rebound make a comeback. Don’t ask me how it would work as that is not my problem. Get cracking boys.