Toyota Hilux Motorhome With a Pass-Through Cab Is for Going Places

Comfortable lodgings on the back of a Hilux? Yes please.

byLewin Day| PUBLISHED Feb 6, 2023 9:00 PM
Toyota Hilux Motorhome With a Pass-Through Cab Is for Going Places
Direct Cars

If you've ever wanted a motorhome that can ditch the highway for rougher terrain, the Direct Cars BR75 might be just what you're looking for.

As covered by CarScoops, The BR75 is based on the Toyota Hilux, and is built with an eye to rugged adventure. It's based on a dual-cab example of Toyota's global mid-sized pickup in the off-road GR Sport trim. The rear bed is removed entirely to instead fit the camper structure, which also extends over the roof of the cab. It's capable of sleeping two adults and two children, while retaining seating for five passengers in the Hilux cab itself.

The rear camper is accessible via a full-height door on the outside of the vehicle. Access is also possible by crawling over the rear seats of the Hilux's cab. This is a huge boon in the case of inclement weather, as it allows access to the camper quarters without leaving the vehicle.

Inside, the BR75 is well-provisioned for a comfortable camping experience. There's a pop-up roof section that allows adults to stand comfortably inside. The dining area converts into an adult-sized double bed, while the above-cab section serves as an additional smaller sleeping area. Multiple windows provide a light and airy feel. The camper is trimmed with attractive wood and tile finishes, and even features a full-sized Daikin home air conditioning unit. Several power outlets are also available inside and out for running your gear.

When it comes time to wash up, the waterproof bathroom area comes in handy. There's a shower head, along with a floor drain, plus a mirror, sink, and counter for your toiletries. Sadly, a toilet isn't available, so you'll have to hunt down facilities or make like a bear in the woods.

Power for all the amenities comes from a hefty 200 Ah accessory battery. This is charged via the vehicle's alternator, or by a 200-watt roof-mounted solar panel. The latter is particularly useful for keeping the batteries topped off when camping in place for a few days. An 85-liter water tank is available to keep you off-grid for a few days, along with a further 20 liters of clean water storage and a 45-liter drain tank.

Pricing starts at 10,980,000 yen ($83,000 USD) for a build based on the basic Hilux Z, and steps up to 12,450,000 yen ($94,000) if you want to start with a Hilux GR Sport as discussed. Beyond that, various options and inclusions can be specified, like off-road wheel and tire packages.

If you find yourself missing the Hilux's bed, Direct Cars can help there, too. It will convert the Hilux's removed rear bed structure into a trailer that you can tow behind the BR75.

If you want a reliable platform for touring the great beyond, it's hard to go past a Toyota Hilux. Throwing a camper on the back just makes sense. The Direct Cars BR75 is a particularly well-integrated example, and looks like a great way to explore the great outdoors of Japan. It's just a shame we can't get one here.

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