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Someone Crashed Into Japan’s Oldest Toilets in a Weird JDM Car

Yes, he backed into the outhouse. Yes, we could probably keep making these jokes, but we'll spare you the rest.
Toyota WiLL Vi that has crashed into Japan's oldest outhouse
via Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education

When people talk about using their rear end to wreck a toilet, they don’t mean this. In Japan, someone has done the job with an obscure JDM Toyota, and not just any old john, but the oldest one in the country.

Sankei Shimbun reports that around 9:30 am on Oct. 17, a 30-year-old man crashed his Toyota WiLL Vi into the tōsu (or outhouse) at Tofuku-ji Temple, a historic Rinzai Zen Buddhist site in Kyoto. Basically consisting of a building with two rows of holes in the ground on either side, the tōsu is known locally as the hyakusecchin, or “hundred-person toilet” according to Having been built in the early Muromachi period (between 1333-1568), it’s considered to be the country’s oldest lavatory.

The crapper crash occurred when an unnamed employee of the Kyoto Association for the Preservation of Ancient Cultures visited the site on business. He was driving a Toyota WiLL Vi; yet another bizarre, short-lived Japan-only Toyota that was based on the first-gen Yaris, only with one of those neoclassical bodies that was in fashion at the time. (It was part of a larger, still weirder multi-corporation youth branding exercise that sounds eerily similar to Scion—and ended the same way.) Getting into his car, the man reportedly put the car in reverse when he thought it was in drive, and crashed through the outhouse’s doors before coming to a stop.

While the doors were destroyed and the structure’s frame reportedly sustained some damage, no injuries were reported. Even so, one imagines the driver is feeling pretty bummed. (Editor’s Note: The rest of the puns and bathroom-related wordplay have been mercifully deleted because we’re serious writers talking about serious things, no buts about it. OK, that was the last one. We really promise.)

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