Pirelli Reveals Its First All-Weather Tire for Sedans and SUVs

These all-weather tires are available in a wide array of sizes.

byHank O'Hop|
Pirelli WeatherActive Tire


The change of the seasons inspires all kinds of anxiety. The thought of shoveling sidewalks, putting on holiday weight, and actually having to commit to that winter project are all things we get worked up about. Thankfully, Pirelli announced its all-weather range today so drivers won't need to worry about their tires handling whatever is to come. 

The idea that a single tire can provide consistent performance year-round is something we're skeptical of, but Pirelli claims they now have a tire that can meet the demand. The WeatherActive range features a specialized directional tread pattern and compound that work together to give drivers reliable performance in light rain to snowy roads without sacrificing a comfortable, quiet ride.  

Pirelli's WeatherActive is a true all-weather tire that carries the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. The company also offers a 60,000-mile tread-wear warranty. The WeatherActive range was developed exclusively for North America and is available in the Cinturato line in 16 sizes for sedans and the Scorpion line for SUVs in 23 sizes. 

Pirelli has also created the All-Weather Pro Guide to help educate drivers about all-weather tires. This guide provides tips for driving in poor weather conditions, along with more valuable data. It also partnered with four influential athletes, race-car driver Lindsay Brewer, surfer Austin Keen, snowboarder Hannah Teter, and runner Mirna Valerio, to help its consumers find ways to stay active throughout the changing seasons.