Watch Colin Furze Test His Bubbly BMW Hot Tub

And you thought a Rolls-Royce was traveling in style.

byJames Gilboy|
Watch Colin Furze Test His Bubbly BMW Hot Tub

If there's one thing we know about inventor, YouTuber, and punk rock enthusiast Colin Furze, it's that he's equipped with a Baskin Robbins roster of crazy ideas, and the skills to build anything you can imagine, and then some. Be it a cheap, yet offensively loud exhaust, or a motorcycle concealed inside a toy horse, Furze's inventiveness (or insanity) knows no bounds. It looks like the very same BMW that Furze turned into a bed back in June has taken on an even more comforting, and altogether more radical form. This time, he's built a hot tub, complete with bubble jets, and a grill mounted in the trunk.

The water itself is heated with coolant lines routed along the floor of the vehicle, and the bubbles are provided by a pair of leaf blowers behind the back seats. How exactly he managed to seal and waterproof the car's interior, we can't begin to guess, though that's assuming that he put any effort into that at all. Going by the gauges pegged at zero, and a heater that spews water instead of hot air, we're guessing that the waterproofing is somewhere between slapdash and nonexistent. Mildew will probably be saying hello in the near future.

With the addition of a full bottle of bubble bath concentrate, the leaf blowers make short work of producing enough foam to blind (and almost choke) the car's occupants.

Furze states that the car was turned into a hot tub as part of a Google ad. We don't think anyone really needs an excuse to turn a car into a hot tub, though. If anything, we're just disappointed that we can't option up a Mercedes S-Class up to have a waterproof interior, and accommodation for four occupants and their rubber ducks.

Now, get on it, Stuttgart. We're waiting.