How Not to Make a Custom Exhaust for $130

Bosozuku might have a thing or two to learn from Colin Furze.

byJames Gilboy|
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Colin Furze, the shed-based fabricator, punk rock enthusiast, YouTuber, and otherwise nut job has done another car mod. This time, he has been issued a challenge by the hosts of BBC Worldwide show, Motorheads, in which he has $130 USD (converted from £100 ) to build as loud an exhaust system as possible and fit it to an old British sedan.

Any rational being would find the wildest possible car to connect to this cheap exhaust system to in the name of noise, but Colin Furze is no rational man. He chose the a Rover 75 as a starting point, a car which one could consider a British analogue to the Cadillac Eldorado. Colin himself refers to it as, "not a great start."

With a welder, some ingenuity, and no self-respect, anyone can make embarrassing amounts of noise for next to no money at all. And no, he doesn't go the bicycle inner tube route.

The design Furze chooses is one that curls forward, across the hood and windshield, and over top of the car, into a megaphone-like device, made from a curled-up sheet of steel. Because the conical exhaust atop the car's roof was not enough to get looks of disapproval from every passerby, it was rattle-canned to look like a Hawaiian shirt.

When he, at last, reveals the car to the hosts of Motorheads, they cower away from the car with their faces scrunched in agony, fingers jammed far enough into their ears to poke gray matter, all to get away from the droning of the Rover's V6.

While we are sure this could be replicated on your Chevy Cavalier with a TIG welder and some scrap piping, we at The Drive cannot recommend you try to mimic Furze's megaphone exhaust. You'll get all the attention and noise ordinance violation tickets you could ever want.

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