Watch This Russian Armored Transport Drift Into a Skoda

Was the driver trying out for the next Fast and Furious?

byJustin Hughes|
Watch This Russian Armored Transport Drift Into a Skoda

Whether it's a Flintstone-style foot brake or a dramatic escape from a robbery, dash cam video from Russia never ceases to entertain. This installment shows what happens after the driver of an armored transport vehicle has watched The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift a few too many times.

The clip shows a convoy of tank-treaded armored transports carefully making their way through an intersection and down the shoulder of the road. Carefully, that is, until one of them makes the turn a bit too fast. The video description says it "lost control," but it looks like it accelerated forward instead of making the tight turn to remain on the shoulder, putting it into the middle of the road. To compensate, the driver puts the vehicle into a four-wheel two-tread drift, just like Han drifting his Mazda RX-7 in circles around two pretty girls in a Nissan Skyline. Unfortunately, unlike Han, the heavy military vehicle slides wide, smashing the Skoda that attempts to avoid the Russian drift shenanigans. The Skoda is spun sideways, and its side impact airbags go off. Fellow motorists run over to the Skoda to help. The video ends before it's clear if the Skoda's occupants were hurt or not.