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Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing on Long Island Highway

The pilot of the Cessna 206 apparently thought Sunrise Highway was the perfect spot to make a landing.

It isn’t uncommon for single engine planes to make emergency landings in fields or larger highways but the act is impressive none the less. As fellow New Yorkers may already know, Long Island is riddled with airfields, each one of them with your fair share of private planes. 

As you can see in the video below, a private plane had to make an emergency landing on Sunrise Highway in Brookhaven, New York this afternoon. According to CBS New York, the Cessna 206 had departed from Bookhaven Airport and was traveling to Eagles Nest Airport in West Creek, NY. 

Immediately upon landing a Suffolk County Police patrol car was on scene and seemed to have control of the fairly mundane scene. No injuries were reported and the reason for the emergency landing is still unknown. For some reason, I can’t stop but laughing at how it looked as if the patrol car pulled over the plane…”license and registration please.”