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Video Shows Indian Police Hitting Motorcyclist Riders and Fleeing Scene

The crash caused two motorcycle riders to fall to the ground.

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A YouTube video shows Indian police leaving the scene of a crash that caused two brothers on a motorcycle to fall off their bike leaving them with broken bones and severe head injuries, according to Rush Lane.

The entire incident, which occurred in late March, was recorded on a nearby security camera. The two men, Aditya Singh Chauha, 26, and Anoop Singh Chauhan, 24, on a Royal Enfield motorcycle can be seen making a gentle right turn into traffic, only to collide with the Toyota Innova police van head on as it speeds down the oncoming lane (India drives on the left side of the road). The van stops, then leaves the scene rather than attending to the victims. Local residents can be seen emerging from their homes to help the victims. 

Following the incident, Rush Lane reported that the two brothers were hospitalized in serious conditioned, presumably from not wearing helmets. The police have taken this incident involving their own people quite seriously. Both the driver and passenger of the police van have been cited for “rash driving” and “causing hurt,” and have been recommended to be suspended from duty. It’s unclear if the riders have recovered from their injuries. 

From the one camera angle and the lack of sound on the security camera, it is unclear whether the police van was running with lights and sirens, or whether the motorcycle riders were failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, playing a part in causing the crash. But the top priority for any police vehicle running code three is public safety. While driving up the wrong side of the road is okay to pass traffic, they should have allowed enough of a safety margin to avoid traffic turning from the side road as the motorcycle did. And under no circumstances should anyone ever leave the scene of a crash—especially the police.