Dashcam Footage Shows Oblivious Driver Hitting a Cop and a Civilian

This is why you should slow down and use caution when passing emergency vehicles.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Feb 24, 2017 2:26 PM
Dashcam Footage Shows Oblivious Driver Hitting a Cop and a Civilian

Exiting your vehicle on a busy road is dangerous regardless of whether or not you are working in the emergency services or not. However, it is often necessary for first responders to do so in order to carry out their duties. Add dark conditions and inclement weather to the mix and first responders can really be at risk.

Unfortunately, the dangers of roadway calls became all too real for Officer Ryan Silvis of the Wyoming, Michigan Police Department earlier this month. Responding to a one-car accident on US-131 northbound, Officer Silvis positioned his cruiser in the center lane due to the position of the Chevy S10 that lost control and was spread across the left two lanes. 

Several seconds after activating his emergency lights and exiting his cruiser, Officer Silvis and the disabled motorist are struck by a white sedan. The cop is thrown over 30 feet, and the other driver is pinned between the sedan and the guardrail.

Amazingly, Officer Silvis gets up, runs to his cruiser, and notifies dispatch that he needs more units as well as AMR (American Medical Response). He then repositions his cruiser and then returns back to the scene to render aid.

Both Officer Silvis and the motorist are currently being treated for their injuries; the operator of the white sedan was charged with “failing to use due care when passing an emergency vehicle.”