Watch This Russian Cat Have a Grand Old Time at a Car Crash Scene

Nothing gets this kitty going like a messy car accident, apparently.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Jun 9, 2017 11:01 AM
Watch This Russian Cat Have a Grand Old Time at a Car Crash Scene

Felines love lasers, catnip, and sometimes computer keyboards, but we've never considered that a scene of a car wreck could be a playground for a cat. Until we saw this clip, at least. A single car crash in Russia captured on video shows a cat going wild as emergency responders tackle a scene where a car crashed into a pole. 

The incident happened in Nakhodka, Russia, according to Daily Mail

It's unclear what exactly caused the crash to occur. Somehow, the driver of the white sedan managed to get a hair of oversteer while making a right turn, and from the looks of things, didn't even try to correct it—instead choosing to whack straight into the problematic object. After colliding with the pole, it fell into the street and supported itself just on the wires it was connected to.

And then out of what appeared to be nowhere...a kitty came along to play. 

The precocious cat managed to get between workers who were attempting to clean up the downed lines. Even with the animal in the midst of everything, it looks like the workers managed to work to get the scene cleaned up...but it probably would have gone a bit faster. (Would have been a lot less entertaining, though.)