Watch This 820-HP BMW M2 Drift Like Mad

And yes, it has an LS.

byAaron Brown|
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It's amazing what can happen when you throw a ton of power at a light, rear-wheel-drive coupe. Tires break traction, the car gets sideways, and the driver has to manage to keep the machine somewhat in line. It's like art. 

In this video below, uploaded to YouTube on May 2, we see a highly modified BMW M2 with a professional driver inside getting very sideways. Aside from taking on more horsepower, the car also appears to have some other mods as well. Just look at that wide front-wheel angle mid-slide and you'll see what we're talking about. 

According to Carscoops, this M2 is powered by an 820-horsepower LS V8 motor that puts its power through a five-speed sequential transmission. Also, apparently much of that green bodywork is kevlar-built, which to us just sounds so sick. Apparently, when combined, all of those components allow for a seriously impressive BMW drift car.

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