Alexander Rossi and Scott Dixon Prove Winning at IndyCar Is Hard—But Winning a Joke-Off May Be Harder

The two highly competitive IndyCar racing drivers face off—not on the track, but in a battle of (very, very bad) puns.

With just three races to go in the 2018 IndyCar season, Scott Dixon and Alexander Rossi are currently wrestling for top-dog status. Last weekend, Dixon watched his 46-point lead shrink to a mere 29 after Rossi put up back-to-back wins and claimed his third overall victory at Pocono Raceway. Suffice it to say, things are tense in IndyCar land. 

With the title race at a steady boil, we at The Drive invited the racing series’s points leaders to our offices in Brooklyn for a different kind of competition—one that would test their inherently focused and composed natures, while pushing each of the men to the emotional brink. In other words…we made them tell each other bad jokes until they cracked. 

So, ladies and gentlemen: We give you the IndyCar Pun-Off (currently operating under the working title of Scott and Alex Tell Car Jokes). It’s a battle of wits and comedic timing, and he who laughs, loses. Just as it is on the track, the competition between Dixon and Rossi proves fierce. We expected, nay demanded, no different from these two remarkable wheelmen.