Amazon Wants to Deliver Fresh Groceries Directly to Your Car's Trunk

The internet company wants to make buying groceries as easy as possible. 


Amazon is currently testing a service that allows users to pre-order fresh groceries and then pick the items up without actually having to get out of the car, the tech giant has announced. 

With this new service, announced Tuesday, users can pick up their food orders just 15 minutes after they place them online. There's no waiting in line, no snarky checkout cashiers, and no searching aisle after aisle for out-of-stock food items.

There are a couple catches—at least, for now. AmazonFresh pickup will eventually be available for Amazon Prime members to use as they please. But currently, the service is in beta, and is only available to Amazon employees. And at the moment, there are just two pickup locations...and they're both in Seattle. 

Between Amazon's expansions with Amazon Alexa capabilities in cars, its patents that show its desire to build a massive drone, and its hopes of dropping packages off at the moon to prepare for a human settlement, we'd say the company is pretty good at keeping busy.