Rent a Seat in the World’s Coolest Racing Simulator

The first-ever horizontal 200-degree wraparound spherical screen, plus an incredible 6 million pixel image. And it's all inside an arcade room.

Racing Simulators
Youtube/Motion Simulation

The most expensive publicly available racing simulators cost more than many racecars. The exquisite CXC Motion Pro II, for example, will run you over $81,000. Renting a racing sim, however, is much more economical, and nothing beats the new Motion Simulation Room in England.

The room, in an industrial estate outside London, houses six sphere-shaped TL3 simulators. The pilot occupies a seat inside the pod. These can be adjusted for the driving heights of Formula 1 cars, GT racers, racing sedans like British Touring Cars, and street cars like the Bentley Continental GT, and there are different force-feedback steering wheel setting to enhance the mimicry. The weight of the throttle and brake pedals varies depending on the in-game forces. The curved interior walls present a 200-degree wraparound screen—said to be a world-first for horizontal breadth—and a resolution of six million pixels. So lunacy, pretty much.

The TL3 runs world-class iRacing simulation software, meaning scads of car and multi-player options, famous circuits, and “obsessively realistic physics.” Its' all backed up by genuine physics: The seat can generate up to 2 g's of acceleration, and moves in three axes to recreate the heave, pitch and roll of a spin through the Karussell at the Nürburgring and trip into the Armco barriers.

You won’t need sponsorship to get a seat, just £15 for fifteen minutes of free-for-all practice sessions. Alternatively, a full premium race event—which includes consisting of “sign in,” a briefing, and fifteen minutes each of practice, qualifying, and racing—runs £60. That package also includes a “podium finish and a trophy ceremony for the winner,” but you actually have to win to get those.

If you end up liking it so much you want to take a TL3 home, Motion Simulation will sell you one for £34,995 (about $50,000) before options.