World’s First Child Car Seat with In-Built Airbags Now Available

The seat is said to reduce head and neck stress upon impact by up to 55 percent.

byGeorge Kuruvilla|
Car Tech photo

Maxi-Cosi has launched the world’s first child car seat with built-in airbags. The equipment is called AxissFix Air and has been developed in collaboration with French mobile airbag company, Helite.

The new and advanced child seat has been designed for children between the age of four months and four years, 24 inches in height minimum to 42 inches maximum, and weighing a maximum of 42 pounds. It features ISOFIX tethers, a 360-degree swiveling base, and two small airbags mounted in the shoulder pads of the seat. You can use it as a forward-facing or rear-facing seat (up to 2 years or 32 inches) to suit your child’s many growth phases.

In the event of an accident, the seat-mounted sensor triggers the airbags to inflate in just 0.05 seconds. Product testing carried out on the child seat indicate that the amount of stress on the child’s head and neck, mostly due to extreme deceleration, is reduced by a significant 55 percent, as compared to the conventional child seats without airbags. And after the work is done, the airbags deflate immediately.

Eric Viollette, R&D director at Dorel Juvenile Europe, said "Years ago we began exploring if and how airbags could better protect a child’s head and neck in forward facing seats." He added by saying, “Successful applications in airbag technology gave inspiration, such as the airbag jackets for motorcyclists and airbag seatbelts in ultralight aircraft that inflate during a collision.”

This AxissFix Air child seat is now on sale in the UK and can be purchased at most parenting stores for $783, approximately. It comes in three different colors, namely blue, black, and grey and is accompanied by a lifetime warranty.

All concerned and curious parents are encouraged to check out Maxi-Cosi's technical video below: