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The 6 GTA 5 Mods You Need to Get

Because not playing as an orangutan seems foolish.

If the online gaming community is known for anything, a dedication to modifying PC games has to be its hallmark. After Grand Theft Auto V’s release this past April, players immediately set off in search of the best GTA 5 mods. It didn’t take long for the best—and perhaps craziest—modders to concoct a range of great GTA mods, from more realistic weather to cooler cars, and even some that allow users into a GTA version of Mario Kart.

Here are six of the best GTA 5 mods that offer a little for something for everyone—just as long as your graphics card can handle it. If you aren’t sure how to mod GTA 5, there are a trove of sites that can guide you through the process:

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1. Add Real Mapping

Aside from the grit and the violence, the epic GTA franchise is known especially for its hyper-realistic renderings of cities and landscapes. The cities aren’t a one-for-one, scale-model match, but many of the details of Los Angeles can match up to the topography in the fictional dystopia of San Andreas. One way to boost the realistic touches of GTA V is through the Real Interstate Shields mod, which provides all freeways and interstates with their real-life designations.