REPORT: New Aston Martin Hypercar Will Be a Proper V12 Hero

Yes, it’s just a rumor. But this rumor has 1,000 horsepower, no turbos, no hybridization, and weighs less than a Miata.

byMax Prince|
REPORT: New Aston Martin Hypercar Will Be a Proper V12 Hero

Remember the Aston Martin Vulcan? That’s the $2.3 million, track-only version of the One-77 from last year. Ownership is limited a group of two-dozen and, recently, Aston invited those folks out for an event at Road Atlanta. At some point, executives allowed these owners to preview AM-RB 001, a.k.a. “Project Nebulas,” the upcoming project built in collaboration with Red Bull and its F1 guru Adrian Newey. Somebody in attendance tipped off our friends at Jalopnik, providing a few specific details about the next Aston Martin hypercar. It sounds absolutely glorious.

According the source, plans call for a naturally aspirated V12, displacing 7.0-liters and with a redline around 10,000 rpm. Output? Try 1,000 horsepower, or somewhere thereabouts. Target curb weight is 2,300 pounds, and the Newey’s wild aero design means it won’t use any wings or spoilers. Just gobs of negative space, and underbody channels for directing air. Jalopnik’s source compares the design to that of the erstwhile Caparo T1.  

Of course, it’s all just vile gossip. Even if this insider has all the info straight, there’s no guarantee Nebulas will come to fruition in that spec—or at all.

That said: Holy hell.

No turbos, no hybridization, twelve cylinders, 10,000 revs and enough raw firepower to trigger volcanic eruptions. Apparently, is has a side-exit exhaust, too. And Aston wants to paint it British Racing Green. Be still my heart.