Felipe Massa Will Race in Formula E After Leaving F1

It’s just a matter of when, according to the 36-year old Brazilian.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Felipe Massa Will Race in Formula E After Leaving F1

Williams veteran Felipe Massa has announced that he will compete in Formula E following his eventual exit from his current spot in Formula One. After spending 15 years in the sport (and one short retirement), he explained that he will call the all-electric racing series his home once his time in F1 is up. Massa announced that he has already tested in a Formula E car, saying "It's completely different but it is still a competition." Now it's up to Massa to decide when he will depart from the Williams team, though as he stated earlier in the year, he's not in any rush.

He revealed his post-F1 agenda in a report from Autosport:

"Yes, Formula E. But I don't know when," Massa claimed. "I did a test with them," he added. "When I decided to stop F1, I was talking with some teams and with Formula E."

Massa came out of retirement for the 2017 F1 season as Williams needed a replacement driver for Valtteri Bottas, who now drives for Mercedes Benz. The short one year stint gave him a refreshed viewpoint as he said he is now "relaxed", no matter what happens after this season.

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He mentioned that he was curious with the Formula E car setup, mentioning "I wanted to see the car, I wanted to drive the car and see how it is. I did a test with them just to see how it is."

"You cannot compare [it to Formula 1]," Massa added.

Conclusively, he explained that there is still time to work in F1. 

"I need to analyze everything and then decide what is my option for next year and if the options I have are making me happy," Massa said. "I feel that I am competitive [in Formula 1]. When you see you are competitive and are doing a good job in the car, that really motivates you."