Best Harbor Freight Tool Boxes: Convenient Storage for All Types of Tools

The best Harbor Freight tool boxes with durability, roomy interiors, and organized storage.

Best Overall

Yukon 3 Drawer Steel Toolbox

Best Value

Voyager 12 In Toolbox With Top Tray

Honorable Mention

U.S. General 72 In. Triple Bank Tool Chest

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A tool box is one of those must-have essentials that absolutely everyone needs. Whether you rely on tools every day in your line of work or use tools around the house for quick fixes and repairs, you need a central, roomy destination to store all of your hand tools, loose fasteners, and tool accessories. A tool box of any kind keeps you organized, putting all of your most-used items into convenient storage compartments, pouches, and drawers. And, depending how crazy you want to get, you can find tool boxes that are small and portable or huge and stand-alone in your garage. 

When you’re considering different tool boxes, you’ll want to make sure to check out Harbor Freight tool boxes. Sold at an array of affordable price points and in just about every tool box style possible, you’ll find something to suit your needs. If you’re searching for a new tool box of any kind, we’ve rounded up the best selection of Harbor Freight tool boxes available right now.

Benefits of Harbor Freight Tool Boxes

  • Convenience. Most Harbor Freight tool boxes are designed to make accessing your tools convenient whether you’re at home in front of your workstation or out on a job. These tool boxes feature sliding drawers, organizer trays, and lift-up lids so you can reach in or pull out various tools, finding them even when you’re in a hurry.
  • Durability. Nearly all Harbor Freight tool boxes offer great durability. Made out of materials like hard, thick plastic or welded steel, these boxes are meant to survive frequent wear and tear no matter how they’re used. Some even offer an extra protective coating. 
  • Versatile Options. Available in so many different sizes, shapes, weights, and even designs, Harbor Freight tool boxes give you total versatility. You can choose a tool box that’s meant to stay in one place, be carried anywhere, or even carried as a bag. These tool boxes can do it all. 
  • Organized Storage. One of the biggest advantages of a Harbor Freight tool box is the convenient, organized storage you’ll get. With features like drawers, trays, and small compartments, you’ll have just the right place to put tools, accessories, and more. Many can even be customized with add-ons like made-to-fit drawer organizers. 

Types of Harbor Freight Tool Boxes

Steel Tool Boxes

Steel tool boxes are a classic style, and Harbor Freight offers plenty of these kinds of products. You’ll find two particular types of steel tool boxes: portable boxes with a carrying handle at the top, and stationary boxes meant to sit on a tabletop or a larger tool cart. Some offer drawers, while others have liftable lids. All steel options are extremely durable, though they can be prone to problems like dents, scratches, and even rust.

Plastic Tool Boxes

Plastic tool boxes are durable — though not as durable as steel — and yet lightweight. They’re the perfect companion when it comes to portability, as they’re easy to carry anywhere. And they can generally handle the bumps, shocks, and unpredictable challenges of working outdoors. However, plastic tool boxes do come with a drawback: They can crack over time, and they can’t survive extremely harsh use.

Fabric Tool Bags

Fabric tool bags aren’t as common, but they are a Harbor Freight option. These easy-to-carry bags enclose your tools inside tough exterior fabric, giving you shoulder straps or handles for great portability and convenience. Some can be built well, with extra layers of protection like waterproofing or water-resistance. However, fabric bags can’t carry the weight of very heavy or sharp tools without potentially developing wear or weakening.

Top Brands


Voyager is a solid brand within the Harbor Freight lineup of house brand names. It offers an array of different kinds of tool boxes, with products that range from small to large, portable to stationary, plastic to metal. There’s something for everyone, including the highly affordable Voyager 12 In Toolbox With Top Tray.

U.S. General

U.S. General is one of the top brands you’ll come across at Harbor Freight. Meant to be a more premium brand, this is the line that offers some of the biggest, heaviest, and most heavy-duty tool boxes. It’s a great brand if you’re looking for a non-portable tool box for your workstation or garage, like the U.S. General 72 In. Triple Bank Tool Chest.


As one of the most affordable brands under the Harbor Freight umbrella, Yukon offers a selection of compact and large tool boxes made out of both plastic and steel. You can find options in every size and style within this brand, including traditional and classic products like the Yukon 3 Drawer Steel Toolbox.

Harbor Freight Tool Box Pricing

  • Under $10: If you want a tool box without spending a lot, you’ll find options that don’t even cost $10 among Harbor Freight’s selection. These tool boxes are smaller in size, but they still offer great functionality and storage space.
  • $15 to $50: You can find everything from budget-friendly to mid-range products within this tool box price range at Harbor Freight. It doesn’t cover too many premium options, but it includes some portable and some non-portable options.
  • $55 to $100: Step up to the $50 to $100 price range, and you’ll find yourself browsing some of Harbor Freight’s more premium tool boxes. These are typically small to medium in size, covering both portable hand-carry options and bigger, heavier stationary options. 
  • $100 and up: If you’re looking for a more premium tool box, you’ll find quite a few options at Harbor Freight. From heavy-duty steel options to complete tool carts that take up significant space, you’ll find these options in the $100-plus range. 

Key Features

Tough Exterior Material

There’s no feature as important on a tool box as the exterior material. It’s the only thing that protects your tools and gear from the outside elements — and from getting lost or damaged. That’s why it’s so important to choose a tool box that has a tough exterior, and one that’s made from durable material. Steel is a great choice, but if you need something lighter in weight, thick ABS plastic or poly material also holds up well.

Multiple Storage Compartments

You can’t organize your tools for convenience and accessibility if you’re just tossing them into a cavernous opening. A tool box that offers multiple storage compartments, like drawer dividers, trays, pockets, pouches, and zippered sleeves will give you just the right spaces to put items both small and large. It also ensures you’re always able to reach in and find what you need.

Locks or Latches

In order to keep your tools secure, you’ll want to choose a tool box that latches or locks in some manner. It’s common for some tool boxes — particularly steel drawer styles or large carts — to come with actual locks that work with keys. Others, however, may feature locking latches or contain the requisite space to add your own lock. Make sure to consider these security features, as you’ll want to be able to keep what’s inside the box away from accidental loss.

Other Considerations

  • Weight. If you need to be able to move or carry your tool box regularly, you’re going to want to think about how much it weighs before investing in any particular product. Metal — specifically, steel — tool boxes are very heavy, while plastic or fabric options are far lighter. Look for the lightest material you can find without sacrificing durability to achieve the best portability.
  • Available Storage Space. In order to figure out which Harbor Freight tool box will suit your tools and your needs best, think about what you plan to store inside. Measure your longest or bulkiest tool and compare that to the box’s dimensions. This will ensure you have enough space for the tools you’re reaching for most often.

Best Harbor Freight Toolboxes Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall

Yukon 3 Drawer Steel Toolbox

Best Value

Voyager 12 In Toolbox With Top Tray

Honorable Mention

U.S. General 72 In. Triple Bank Tool Chest

Honorable Mention

Windsor Design 8 Drawer Wood Tool Chest

Honorable Mention

U.S. General Single Bank Top Tool Chest

Honorable Mention

Voyager 21 In. Steel Toolbox

Honorable Mention

U.S. General 30 In. 5 Drawer Mechanic’s Cart

Honorable Mention

Voyager Aluminum Case

Honorable Mention

Voyager Toolbox Set

Honorable Mention

Voyager 18 In. Toolbox


  • Some Harbor Freight tool boxes are individual components within a larger set. If you want to add onto your tool box, with a cart or full drawer unit, you may want to start small both in size and price initially. Then, you can increase your tool box later on.
  • Plan to put your tool box to use outdoors? Look for one that’s protected, either with waterproofing or with anti-rust and anti-corrosion material.
  • If you can’t find a locking tool box that meets your needs, keep in mind you can always add a lock of your own. Many come with their own lock holes built in already.


Q: Are Harbor Freight tool boxes any good?

Harbor Freight’s various tool boxes are highly-rated and well-reviewed by customers. They get particularly high ratings for their quality at their affordable pricing, which means they offer a good balance between being a smart investment and reliably lasting with use.

Q: Why are Harbor Freight tool boxes so cheap?

Harbor Freight doesn’t actually sell any big-name tool box brands, so all of the products are made by the company itself. This means the retailer can essentially cut out the middleman, offering tool boxes that are lower in price yet still well-constructed. 

Q: What do Harbor Freight tool boxes offer?

Harbor Freight tool boxes come in every size and style imaginable. You can find options in all kinds of materials, in every size, and in various configurations — including whole tool box systems that can suit your garage. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Yukon 3 Drawer Steel Toolbox, a classic steel option that offers multiple drawers, great longevity, and sleek style that’ll fit in anywhere. However, you can also get durability at a low price; the Voyager 12 In Toolbox With Top Tray offers fantastic value for your money. 


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