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Best Motorcycle Action Cameras: Never Miss a Moment

Snap, share, and relive every ride with the click of a button.
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Robert Bacon

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As motorcyclists, we live for the moment. The first crackle as our engine fires into life, the half second before you wind open the throttle, the excitement that builds as we approach and ride around our favorite corner—these moments are fleeting and live in our memories, but they don’t have to. Mounting an action camera to your helmet or motorcycle gives your friends, family, followers, and you an opportunity to relive every ride. The technology has come so far that anyone with good editing skills and a passion for motorcycles has the chance to create riveting content and build a following. All you need to do is choose one or two.

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Insta360 X3

Our Methodology

I’ve put my fair share of action cameras to the test in just about every way you can think of. While pushing the GoPro Hero10 Black to its limits, I even flipped a UTV on it. And I don’t discriminate when it comes to brands or camera types, having tried and tested much of Insta360’s latest range of products. In short, I know the nuances that separate OK cameras from great cameras. And now you can benefit from the countless hours I’ve spent recording and editing action camera footage, not to mention quite a few spent speaking to customer support regarding data corruption errors. As always, I reserve the right to change my top picks as the industry moves forward.

Best Motorcycle Action Cameras: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Insta360 One RS Twin Edition

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The Insts360 One RS Twin Edition shines above the competition because it covers all bases. This package includes a 4K Boost lens, which shoots at up to 60 fps, and 5.7K/30 360-degree lenses. This model’s modular design enables you to easily swap lenses, upgrade as needed, and replace broken lenses without buying a new camera. There’s an invisible selfie stick included, which can give the impression that you’re being followed by a drone when you use the 360-degree lenses.

The FlowState stabilization feature is good enough that you can upload footage to social media without the need to edit it. If you want to edit your footage, you can use the Insta360 editing app on your phone or desktop, and select your aspect ratio in post production, which is great for serious content creators. Insta360 has improved the battery and processor for this model, so you can squeeze out a few more minutes of footage on each ride. Although there’s only one touchscreen, which is a tad small, it’s perfectly responsive.

Best Value: Akaso Brave 7 LE

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If you want to test the waters of motorcycle vlogging, or you’re on a tight budget, pick up the Akaso Brave 7 LE. This camera uses a 20-megapixel sensor, which can capture images and 4K footage at 30 fps. The dual-display model has two color screens, but only the rear is a touchscreen. The Brave 7 LE features six-axis electronic image stabilization (EIS), which makes a noticeable difference but can’t compete with the top models on this list.

Part of what makes this such a great deal is all the extras included in the sale. You get a remote control, two batteries, a waterproof case, nine mounts, five tethers, and two strips of two-sided tape. It’s IPX7, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you get caught in the rain. If you equip this with the waterproof case, you can submerge this model up to 131 feet.

Honorable Mention: GoPro Hero12 Black

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Although the GoPro Hero12 Black doesn’t record 360-degree footage, there’s simply no beating it in terms of its HDR (high dynamic range). So, if you have a few POVs that you like and can easily set up, this might be the model for you. The latest iteration records in 5.3K/60 and 4K/120, and there’s also a slow-motion mode which records in 2.7K/240. This gives you a wide range of shooting options that retain unprecedented image quality for an action camera. GoPro’s stabilization software has always been market-leading, and this model’s HyperSmooth 6.0 stabilization is no different. Making the latest HyperSmooth software even more useful is the 360-degree Horizon Lock mode.

For the latest model, GoPro increased the sensor size to 27MP, which enables you to pull 24.7MP stills from videos. The new, larger sensor has a 156-degree field of view in the 8:7 aspect ratio, and you can increase the field of view to 177-degrees by adding the new Max Lens Mod 2.0. If you have multiple Hero12 Black cameras, you can wirelessly synchronize them using the new Timecode Sync feature, and this, combined with the ability to connect Bluetooth audio devices, makes this a hard offering to pass up for content creators. Every Hero12 comes with an Enduro battery as standard. The only reason you might not hit Add to Cart is that this model appears to suffer from overheating, an issue that’s plagued several GoPros throughout the years.

Best 360-Degree Camera: Insta360 One X3

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If you’re mainly interested in capturing 360-degree footage, the Insta360 One X3 is the camera for you. In fact, it’s my go-to camera, and you can read my review here. This model’s dual 48MP sensors capture 360-degree footage up to 5.7K/30. But your content doesn’t need to have the fisheye effect if you don’t want it, as you can set the camera up to act as a single-lens action camera and record with a field of view up to 170 degrees. The flow-state stabilization feature and 360-degree Horizon Lock work together well, particularly for motorcyclists.

The X3 has the largest screen on an action camera, and it makes it incredibly easy to navigate its modes, set up your shots, and look back through what you’ve captured. When compared to the X2, the X3 transfers your files 50% faster, so on-the-go editing and posting is practical. The quick transfer rate, combined with the fact you can edit the aspect ratio in post production, make this the best action camera for serious content creators that I’ve used. The product I’ve linked gives you everything you need to get started. The biggest drawback are the two large protruding sensors that I live in fear of scratching, although the rest of the camera feels tough as nails.

Best Speaker and Camera: Sena 50C Harman Kardon

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The Sena 50C is an all-in-one action camera and Bluetooth speaker system. It’s perfect for those who don’t want their helmet weighed down by too many devices. The communication system is one of the best on the market and hard to fault. Although the camera is good, it is somewhat compromised and won’t perform as well as an out-and-out action camera, but it’ll still produce good footage. Its 10-megapixel sensor captures 4K footage at 30 fps and 1,080p at 60 fps. However, there’s no EIS when recording in 4K, although this feature is available when shooting in 1,080p.

The mount on your helmet is fixed, but there’s a lens adjuster so you can find the right shooting angle after you’ve attached the camera. A dedicated smartphone app shows real-time footage, which helps when you need to adjust the camera angle. You can shoot pictures, burst photos, a time-lapse video, and regular videos. When shooting in 4K, you’ll have a maximum battery life of around one hour and 40 minutes.

Our Verdict on the Best Motorcycle Action Cameras

The Insta360 One RS Twin Edition covers all areas better than any other model on the market. You’ll get a fantastic 4K camera and even more impressive 5.7K 360-degree lenses. Riders on a tight budget will find a fantastic bang-for-buck option in my value pick, the Akaso Brave 7 LE.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Motorcycle Action Cameras

Here’s everything you need to know before buying a motorcycle action camera.

Image Quality

Video quality is normally the most important feature when choosing an action camera. A large image sensor isn’t the only thing that determines the quality of your videos, which is what most riders are interested in. Most riders will want a camera that records in at least 4K, and it’s even better if it can shoot in 4K at 60 fps. Although, many vloggers choose to record at 30 or 25 fps, as most people don’t notice the difference.

Field of View

Camera sensors have different fields of view, and you can change the aspect ratio of most action cameras. If you like to record landscapes, get a camera that has a wide angle option. The ultimate, in terms of field of view, is a 360-degree action camera. These cameras use two lenses that overlap their footage and stitch it together, then you choose the aspect ratio and where you want the focus to be.

Editing and Video Software

If you want to do a lot of editing after you shoot, you should get a camera that has good dedicated desktop and smartphone editing software. Many action cameras have built-in software and hardware to stabilize the footage. The most important thing to look out for is good electronic image stabilization software, like GoPro’s HyperSmooth 4.0. If you want your camera to have a gimbal-like effect, then it needs to have a horizon lock feature. On the other hand, if you buy a 360-degree camera and want to show how much you lean while riding, it’ll need a feature like Insta360’s Steady Cam mode.


If you spend around $140, you can pick up an action camera that shoots in 4K and is water resistant. But don’t expect cameras at this price to have great EIS software or a good dynamic range. For between $300 to $450, you’ll find great 4K and 5.3K cameras with good EIS and editing software. If you spend between $450 to $600, some cameras will come with both 4K and 360-degree lenses and have great EIS software.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: Is it legal to mount an action camera on a motorcycle helmet?

A: Yes. In most states, you can mount an action camera to a motorcycle helmet, as long as it doesn’t corrupt the gear’s structural integrity. This means you can’t drill a mount for an action camera into your helmet, for example. Check with your local motor vehicles department.

Q: What’s the best place to mount an action camera on my helmet?

A: There are various places to mount a camera on a motorcycle helmet, including on the top and side. But most riders find they get the best footage when they mount an action camera in the middle of their helmet, directly below the visor.

Q: How long does a battery usually last on an action camera?

A: The answer depends on the camera, battery, and the quality of the footage you’re recording. For example, if you’re recording in 4K, your battery won’t last as long as if you were recording in 1,080p. On average, most batteries last between one hour and one hour and 40 minutes, depending on the setting you choose.


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