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Insta360’s Suction Cup Car Mount Kit Is a Content Creator’s Dream

Your Instagram feed is about to explode.
Insta360 suction cup car mount kit view

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Insta360 is essentially the go-to brand in the world of motorcycle content creation, whether it’s motocross or canyon carving. The company hasn’t quite popped off the same way in car culture, but that looks set to change with the introduction of its Suction Cup Car Mount Kit

Until now, content creators only had the option of connecting their $450 X3 cameras to a suction cup and selfie stick that were never intended to be stable at high speeds or over rough terrain. So Insta360 teamed up with Tilta to develop a rugged mounting system that the company stands by.

You can get this mount in two variants: a triple-cup mount or a double-cup mount. Each suction cup provides up to 20 kg of static force. So, in theory, you could have 60 kg of suction keeping everything in place, and speaking from personal experience, that’s the kind of piece of mind you want when your Insta360 X3 is hanging off the back of your vehicle.

If you opt for the triple suction mount, you can safely travel at speeds of up to 62 mph, whereas if you choose the dual mount this drops to 50 mph. Anyone who’s planning on capturing light off-roading trips will need the security of the triple-cup mount.

Users of the triple suction cup mount can remove one of the cups and use it as a dual cup mount if, for example, you know the road ahead is flat, and you’ll stay under 50 mph.

Apart from the suction cups themselves, the mounting unit is an all-metal structure. The unit is designed to work with an upgraded selfie stick, which is made from carbon fiber. The new selfie stick is engineered to be more durable and flexible than the standard model and remains completely invisible.

Many content creators have jerry-rigged mounts, using a combination of Insta360 and third-party accessories, myself included. But doing this never gives you peace of mind when capturing automotive footage. This peace of mind will cost you $399.99 if you opt for the triple suction cup mount and $249.99 if you get the dual suction cup model. And the carbon fiber invisible selfie stick tacks on an extra $49.

I’ll be getting my hands on this kit soon and putting it through its paces. Let me know what questions you’d like me to answer in my review.