Best Motorcycle Chrome Polishes: Restore Your Bike’s Shine

These top motorcycle chrome polishes will make your bike look sparkling new

byAshutosh Bhosale, Daniel Rika, Mike Knott|
Best Motorcycle Chrome Polishes: Restore Your Bike’s Shine

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BYAshutosh Bhosale, Daniel Rika, Mike Knott/ LAST UPDATED ON December 22, 2020

Go chrome or go home. Sounds good, right? But going chrome comes with its own hardships. It is necessary to clean the metal regularly to prevent it from getting damaged and to maintain your bike’s good looks. Here are our top picks for the best motorcycle chrome polish that will give your bike’s chrome a mirror-like shine and turn more than a few heads on the road.

Best Overall
Simichrome Metal Polish

Simichrome Metal Polish


A high-grade metal polish that cleans, polishes, and protects all metals, including chrome, without water.


Leaves an invisible highly protective film along with a lustrous finish. It repels water and has anti-tarnish properties.


It contains harmful chemicals. The tin container is difficult to open and is cheaply made.

Best Value

MEGUIAR's Motorcycle All Metal Polish


An effective motorcycle metal polish that safely cleans all metals, including chrome.


Easy to use. It does not contain hazardous chemicals or has a bad odor. It has a polymer blend that keeps the surface brighter longer.


Some users report a hazed/milky finish. There are also reports that the cream is a little too hard.

Honorable Mention

Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish 


An all-purpose metal polish that cleans and polishes aluminum, chrome, and other metals, and is safe  to apply by hand or machine.


Easy to use. Can be used to polish chrome and aluminum trim. Does an excellent job at removing light stains and oxidation on any surface, including billet wheels.


Does not work as a standalone product. To create a protective layer, one must invest in additional product.

Best Motorcycle Chrome Polish Reviews & Recommendations 2020

We’re starting off the list on the right foot. This is a high-end polish that you can use on all metals. It cleans, polishes, and protects a variety of materials, including chrome, and you don’t even need to use water. Despite leaving a protective film behind, it is virtually undetectable. Other than the fact that it repels water, much like wax, you won’t even know it’s there. Would you expect anything else from a product made in Germany? Unlike many other products, this polish comes in an 8.85-ounce can, and while it changes up the style, the application of this product is very straightforward. It’s a big plus that you don’t have to use much of it to achieve the finish you’re looking for. A little bit goes a long way with this product, and you’ll use it for polishing for a very long time.

The drawback to this compound is that it does contain harsh materials, and you must exercise caution when using it. That and the can is kind of flimsy, so you need to store it carefully.

We can’t talk polish without talking about Meguiar’s. Again, we have a compound that you can use to polish a wide range of metals, not just chrome. This product comes out of a can-like container, and you don’t need much to get the job done. As you apply it, it cuts through the surface to remove small scratches and create the shine you seek. It can also remove oxidation to help restore the life of old components. What’s unique is that this product contains a polymer blend to help produce and maintain a mirror finish. We also can’t overlook the fact that this compound does not contain any harmful chemicals, nor does it create a foul odor—two major pluses for the user.

But that isn’t to say there aren’t some drawbacks. A lot of users report that this polish tends to leave behind a milky finish, meaning it needs more elbow grease than usual. It also doesn’t help that the compound is rather stiff and hard to work.

We cannot ignore the fact that our passion, in general, is harmful to the environment. That means it’s essential that each of us do whatever we can to lessen our impact on the environment whenever possible. If this is a primary concern of yours, you should try this product out. It contains no harmful chemicals, and the brand prides itself on using green substances wherever possible. And just because it’s good for the environment doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. This polish does an excellent job at bringing a shine to all metals, including brass, copper, and chrome. And it’s extremely efficient and does not rely on harsh scrubbing or electric buffers. Just use a clean rag, and you’re golden. It's a plus that it does a decent job at cleaning surfaces too.

The price of the product does seem a bit unbalanced. You may have a better experience using something less expensive for what you get and the way it performs. But, do keep in mind that your money is going toward a compound that is safe for you and the environment.

In case any of you are wondering, we are not about to leave out Chemical Guys. While this may be the last entry on the list of reviews, it’s far from the worst. This product from Chemical Guys does an excellent job at cleaning and polishing all metals, including aluminum trim and chrome. Furthermore, it excels at removing light stains and oxidation from pretty much anything, including billet wheels. The compound is very flexible as well, and users do have the option to apply it by hand or with a machine. However, that does not mean applying it by hand is all that difficult. In fact, many users use little to no buffing afterward.

You should know that this product only polishes metal and does not leave behind a protective layer. For that, you will need to invest in an additional product. While that doesn’t seem like a drawback at first, it certainly is when you consider most others on the market are a standalone product.


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  • Wash your motorcycle and wipe it dry before chrome polishing. Use a bucket with fresh water to clean your wiping cloth as needed so you don’t damage the metal surface by trying to clean it with an increasingly dirty cloth.
  • Follow the directions on the container of the polish. Polish in straight lines rather than in a circular motion to avoid swirls.
  • Nothing looks as bad as scratches on a shiny chrome surface. Use a microfiber towel or a buffing pad to make sure you don’t damage the metal.


Q: Does chrome polish remove scratches?

A: A chrome polish can fill in and mask fine scratches to an extent. However, if there are deep scratches, nothing works as well as real paint correction.

Q: Does chrome polish remove bugs and bee pollen?

A: It can, but for best results, apply the chrome polish after cleaning the surface so that you don’t drag around dirt and leave scratches behind.

Q: Can chrome polish be used to clean surfaces with a matte finish?

A: Although it will benefit from the product’s cleaning and protective properties, it is not recommended to use a chrome polish with a matte surface, as it will take away the matte finish and add unwanted gloss to the surface.

Final Thoughts

We found the Simichrome Metal Polish to be the best motorcycle chrome polish with several protective features.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the MEGUIAR's Motorcycle All Metal Polish motorcycle polish for various metal surfaces.