Best Key Finders: Locate Lost Keys & Other Valuables With These Top Devices

Reduce your stress with these popular and reliable key finding device

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BYLinsay Thomas, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON June 21, 2021

If you regularly lose your keys, you may want to invest in a key finder. You simply attach the device to your keychain and either push a button on a separate unit or use your smartphone to locate it. Check out our buying guide below to find the best key finders available.

Best Overall

 Eky Wireless Item Locator

This is a versatile key finder that comes with four receivers. It tracks items at a distance of 98 feet and emits a signal that penetrates through walls, doors, furniture, and more.
The device has an audible alarm as well as an LED light for more visibility in the dark. It's built to last and has a solid outer shell and a durable battery.
It's hard to access the battery compartment. It might be too quiet for those with hearing problems and a little bulky when attached to the remote.
Best Value

SwiftFinder Key Finder

This discreet and small key finder locates your keys by connecting to an app on your phone. It also works on wallets, purses, and luggage.
It's easy to use, and the replaceable battery lasts for about one year. It has a longer range than some rival devices.
It's easy to miss the brief chime warning when it's out of range. It also stops working if you disconnect Bluetooth or restart your phone.
Honorable Mention

KeyRinger XL

The KeyRinger XL operates up to 300 feet, and the battery lasts 18 months. It includes two KeyRingers that call each other. No setup or programming is required.
This key finder is simple to use and has more range than a Bluetooth device. It emits an extremely loud beep and is loud and sensitive enough to operate through heavy cushions.
The key finder is extremely loud, and it can be hard to turn down the volume. It's big and clunky, and the battery may not last as long as advertised.

Benefits of Key Finders

  • They locate lost keys. If you're the type of person who is a little disorganized and you often misplace your belongings, the best key finder device will help pinpoint your missing keys so they’re easy to find.
  • They locate other items too. The best electronic key finder can be used as a tracker on several items, such as a wallet, remote control, or luggage. Some products even allow you to share your tracker with another user so you both can track down a lost item.
  • They save you time. When you lose your keys, it can sometimes take hours to locate them, which wastes a lot of time and can interrupt your day. Avoid this by using a car key locator device.
  • They reduce stress. With the best key finder, you can locate your keys within seconds. You no longer have to worry or get anxious about where you left them the last time you used them.

Types of Key Finders

Bluetooth Key Finder

A Bluetooth key finder connects to your smartphone. As long as you have your phone in your possession (and the battery isn't dead), you can track where the corresponding sensor is on your keys. The connection also goes both ways: you can use your smartphone to find your keys or use the sensor on your keys to find your smartphone.

Radio Frequency Key Finder

A key finder that uses a radio signal does not require the use of a smartphone, app, or internet connectivity. It is very easy to set up and locates your lost item with a transmitter, which emits a radio signal. The corresponding sensor lights up or sounds an alarm on your keychain. 

Audible Key Finder

This type of key finder is the least common. Each part of the device acts as both a transmitter and a receiver. An audible key finder emits a chirping sound, and when the other half hears the chirp it chirps in response. The device does not use a radio frequency or Bluetooth.

Top Brands


Tile is the world's top-selling Bluetooth tracker. The company is based in San Mateo, Calif., and was founded in 2012. Tile boasts that its products help consumers locate more than three million items every day. One of its top key finders is the Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery.

Click ‘N Dig

Click ‘N Dig was founded in 2007 and is based in San Diego, Calif. It’s part of 2Go Products, LLC based in La Jolla, Calif., which designs innovative and helpful products for the home. One popular product is the Click 'n Dig Model D2 Key Finder.

KeyRinger LLC

KeyRinger is a privately held company in Oakland, Calif. All the company’s products are sold with a risk-free, 90-day, money-back guarantee. The KeyRingers are protected by two U.S. patents. One top product is the KeyRinger XL.


Chipolo was founded in 2013 and has since grown into an international company with a presence in more than 200 countries. Its headquarters is in Slovenia, and the company's subsidiary is in New York. One recommended product is the Chipolo ONE Bluetooth Key Finder.

Key Finder Pricing

  • Under $20: You can find several key finders for less than 20 bucks. Lower-priced units may come with fewer receivers, but many of these brands work well.
  • $20-$30: You may need to pay a little more to get a key finder that is more durable and reliable. Some of these products also come with replacement batteries and multiple receivers.

Key Features


Even the best tracking devices for keys have limited ranges; some work better over longer distances than others. Find out how far away you can be from your keys in order to receive alerts. Keep in mind that walls and doors can interfere with a device's signal, which makes it harder to locate your keys.

Alarm sound

How many decibels does the device emit? The sound function is important because you have to hear the alarm in order to locate your keys. If it's too quiet or if you have trouble hearing, it can be challenging to find your keys. The loudest and best remote key finder is at least 80 to 85 decibels.

Other Considerations

  • LED Light: A top-rated key finder will feature a flashing light in addition to an alarm. This visual cue, paired with an audio cue, will help you locate your keys quickly. The more signals you receive, the easier it will be for you to find an item that's missing.
  • Battery Life: The best key locator will have a battery life of about one year, but many replaceable batteries only last six months. Some key finder technology does not feature replaceable batteries. If this is the case, make sure you know what is required to keep the device working when the battery starts dying.
  • Design: The sensor for a car key locator device should be comfortable to carry; it shouldn't be too large and unwieldy. Select a key finder that has a streamlined design for optimum comfort. Also, the best car key finder should have a battery slot that is easy to use and access.

Best Key Finder Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Esky key finder is a convenient device that helps you find all kinds of items around the house. You can attach it to your keys, remote controls, phones, and much more. The signal from a powerful transmitter goes through walls, furniture, curtains, and other obstacles. In open space, it has a range of 131 feet.

The key finder comes with four receivers that make a loud beep every time you hit the control button. You can do it continuously until you find the lost object, which makes the entire searching process super easy. The key finder also features a powerful light for more visibility in the dark and a sturdy outer shell that ensures a long lifespan. 

Still, some users are not satisfied with the design of the battery compartment. It can be difficult to access and might make you scratch the cover. Another concern regards the sound. The key finder is not very loud, which makes it less suitable for those with hearing problems. It's also bulky.

This app-controlled smart key finder lets you find your keys as long as the device is within 160 feet of Bluetooth range. Your phone makes a loud beep until you find your keys, and it will also alert you if the key finder is out of range. The key finder is discreet, thin, and lightweight and can also be used in your wallet, purse, luggage, and so on.

This product and the app are easy to use. The key finder is small and portable. It comes with a replaceable battery that lasts as long as one year. The device has a longer range than some rival devices, which only have a range of 120 feet. Customer service is also very helpful if you come across any issues. 

However, it's easy to miss the very brief musical chime warning when it is out of range and disconnects from the Bluetooth on your phone. Also, if you disconnect the Bluetooth or restart your phone, it won't pick up on the keyfinder until you find it and push the button to connect it again.

This KeyRinger product operates up to 300 feet, and the battery lasts 18 months. It includes two KeyRingers that have the ability to call each other. No setup or programming is required, and the company provides a 90-day, money-back guarantee as well as a two-year warranty.

This key finder is reliable and simple to use. When you press the button, the unit attached to your keys emits a loud beep, and it's loud and sensitive enough to operate through heavy couch cushions. There's also a flashing light if it's within 300 feet. In addition, the KeyRinger XL has more range than a Bluetooth key finder, and it's very durable.

One problem is the key finder may be too loud, and it can be a challenge to turn the volume down on the device. Also, it's rather big and clunky, and it can be easy to inadvertently activate. There have also been some complaints that the battery doesn't last as long as is advertised, and the device stops working after a few months.

The Toysdone Key Finder comes with one remote control and four receivers to locate items such as keys, glasses, wallets, and pocketbooks. To find an item, press the button that is color-matched to the missing item/receiver. The unit works through walls and floors and up to 30 meters away. It emits a loud beep to help you locate the object.

The remote control features an LED light on/off switch, which is helpful in the dark. The transmitter runs on AAA batteries, which are not included, and four CR2032 batteries that are included. This device is loud and easy to use, so it's not too difficult to locate a lost item. It's also a little less expensive compared to some rival options.

One problem with this key finder is that the batteries don't last very long. Some users also complain that the stickies don't adhere very well to certain items. Also, you need to be sure not to misplace the remote because the device doesn't work using Bluetooth.

This key finder does not require an app for operation and is easy to use. All you have to do is press the button, and the corresponding receiver will flash and make a loud sound. The transmitter has two big buttons that match two different receivers, and it easily fits in a purse or a pocket. It comes with batteries for the receivers, but you must supply the AAA batteries for the transmitter.

The beep is 75-80 decibels and works over long distances up to 100 feet away. It works well through walls, floors, and cushions. Users like the transmitter because it is lightweight, and the beeping sound isn't too shrill. Plus, it's reasonably-priced.

Unfortunately, there have been some complaints that it can be hard to locate an item if the receiver's audio hole is laying down against something or is covered under paperwork. Also, the battery cover may come off too easily.

This key finder comes with one transmitter and six receivers. The beep is 80 decibels, and the device has a range of 100 feet in an open area and 85 feet if there is a wall between the transmitter and a receiver. The key finder comes with six replaceable CR2032 batteries that are designed to last six to 12 months and have a long standby time. The transmitter's AAA batteries are not included.

The transmitter has a red LED light, so you can use it in the dark. It helps you locate the receivers using a red flashing light. The key finder comes with double-sided stickers and key rings, so you can attach the receivers to a variety of items, including your pet's collar. The key fobs are also thin enough to put in a wallet. Overall, it's a great product for the price.

One problem is the adhesive isn't as strong as it could be, and the remote is a little small, making it, ironically, a little easy to lose. Some users also complain that the beep isn't loud enough.

Here's another key finder that works with a smartphone to locate lost objects. It uses Bluetooth technology and either an iPhone or Android app to operate. If you own an iPhone, you can also use Siri to help locate a lost item. The Rinex tracker device is very thin and smaller than one-inch long, so you can easily slip it in your wallet or purse and not worry about it taking up too much space.

One great feature of this device is that it comes with a bonus battery. This is helpful because the batteries on these units don't tend to last very long. It's very easy to connect to a phone and doesn’t drain your phone battery. The key finder also emits a distinct ring on your phone when it's out of range of the receiver. You can also push the button on your receiver and it will activate the ring on your phone, even if it's on silent mode.

However, there have been some complaints that the range isn't very good, but that’s not uncommon with Bluetooth-enabled key finders. Some users also received units with batteries that died after a short period of use. Another problem is the Bluetooth may disconnect too easily.


  • In order to ensure that your key finder functions properly in a pinch, you should change the battery every six months. Do this even if the product claims that the battery lasts up to a year.
  • Sometimes the connection on a Bluetooth tracker can be sporadic due to the small size of the device. It's not uncommon for the app to have trouble finding the sensor's location. You may need to walk through each room and activate the smartphone app each time in order to locate your keys.
  • To avoid losing your keys, always put them in the same place when you're not using them. This could be on a key hook by the back door or on a table by your bed.
  • If you are prone to losing things, you may want to consider make an extra set of keys. This will reduce your stress and give you more time to find the original set of keys without panicking.
  • Another way to keep track of your keys is by putting them on a large keychain. Just make sure the keychain isn't so big that it interferes when you drive.
  • A key finder won't deter thieves. The trackers are easy to remove from your keychain if a thief knows what it is. As a result, do not use a key finder for security reasons.


Q: What is a key finder? 

A: A key finder is an electronic device that is attached to your keys, phone, or other items that you want to keep track of. The best key finder device will beep, flash, or give you a signal on your smartphone to help you locate a lost object.

Q: How does a key finder work? 

A:  The sensor on a key tracker typically attaches to the keyring next to your keys. However, some brands of key finders have adhesive backs and can be attached to the key fob itself.

Q: Will a Bluetooth key finder compromise my privacy?

A: Even the best Bluetooth key finder can technically share your location, so make sure you check a company's privacy policy to learn what type of information they share. Also, use a secure password on your Bluetooth connection.

Q: Will a Bluetooth key finder drain my phone’s battery?

A: Your smartphone will lose some battery life if it's continually connected to a wireless key finder. However, it does not drain a huge amount of energy.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best key finder is the Eky Wireless Item Locator. This versatile product comes with four receivers and reaches a long distance.

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