Best Night Driving Glasses: Drive With More Clarity And Confidence

See more clearly and precisely while driving in low light conditions.

byLisa Conant| UPDATED Jul 20, 2022 1:00 PM
Best Night Driving Glasses: Drive With More Clarity And Confidence

If you haven’t tried them, night driving glasses can be a game changer for those of us who find ourselves squinting when driving after dusk like our old Uncle Harry with cataracts. Bright lights from oncoming traffic, street signs, and those neighbors who still have their Christmas lights up in April can all wreak havoc on your eyes at night, creating strain and uncertainty. Not only that, but for some, that eye strain can lead to more long-term issues down the line.

If you’re considering purchasing some night driving glasses for yourself, it can be tough to know what to look for and which ones will serve you best. Not to worry. I’ve got you covered with some of the top picks on the market right now as well as a handy buying guide. These glasses are not only effective, they’re stylish and won’t be grounds for divorce when you wear them.

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Best Classic Design: Illumin Night Driving Glasses

Our Methodology

There is no shortage of viable options on the market when it comes to night driving glasses. Those listed here were selected based on the fact that they are made by reputable manufacturers who have an excellent track record of producing reliable and high-quality products. Glasses that get high marks for having high quality lenses and stylish frames were selected so that you don’t feel like a fashion failure when wearing them. Affordability was also a factor in selecting the top night driving glasses. For more info on selection criteria and methodology, check out The Drive’s Gear About page here. 

Best Night Driving Glasses Reviews & Recommendations

Best Night Driving Glasses Overall
KastKing Polarized Night Vision Glasses


  • Brand: Optix 55
  • Frame Material: Grilamid
  • Polarized: Yes


  • Rugged, flexible, heat-resistant frames
  • Unisex styling
  • Come with a convenient carrying case and a microfiber pouch


  • Don’t cut daytime glare as well as some other options
  • Only available in one frame color

Day and nighttime driving become less of a challenge for any driver after wearing the KastKing Polarized Night Vision Glasses. Featuring ultra-durable, flexible Grilamid frames that are commonly used by the military, these glasses are not only UV- and heat-resistant, they’re practically indestructible. The triacetate cellulose lenses are designed to reduce glare so you don’t get temporarily blinded by bright lights and enjoy enhanced vision on foggy days as well as in low light conditions.

The lenses are polarized to improve object clarity so you can better see oncoming traffic and the yellow color helps to reduce glare on bright sunny days. The frames have a classic design that’s great for men or women. As a bonus, they come with a custom hardshell carrying case and an extra microfiber pouch. While these glasses are great for low light conditions, they don’t cut bright daytime glare as well as some more expensive, higher-end options. The frames also don’t come in any other color options, so it’s basic black or nothing.


  • Brand: Viugreum
  • Frame Material: Copper Alloy
  • Polarized: Yes


  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Great for men or women
  • Super affordable


  • No side protection
  • Nose pieces seem cheaply made

For those who want a fashionable set of night driving glasses that are offered at a super budget-friendly price point, check out the Viugreum HD Night Driving Glasses. They’re a high-quality set of unisex glasses that offer UV400 protection that’s ideal for blocking out ultraviolet and blue light from oncoming vehicles and surrounding signs and dashboard lighting. The lenses are also efficient at filtering out reflected glare from wet objects and roads that can easily lead to confusion at night and possible accidents.

The polarized lenses in this set of glasses are also great at brightening up your surroundings on cloudy and gray days, providing better clarity and visual confidence in low light situations. One thing to note about these glasses is that you don’t get the same peripheral visual protection that some other brands offer.


  • Brand: Wzerry
  • Frame Material: Al-Mg alloy
  • Polarized: Yes


  • Good amount of visual coverage
  • Classic aviator styling
  • Multiple frame colors available


  • Might be too large for some smaller faces
  • May not block as much UV light and glare as other choices

For those who want the classic aviator style of night driving glasses, the Wzerry Aviator Night Vision Driving Glasses are an ideal choice. The frames are made of durable and super lightweight Aluminum-Magnesium alloy and they come in four different color choices to suit any style need. Like many other night driving glasses on the list, these feature shatterproof and scratch-resistant TAC polarized lenses and the typical yellow-tinted coating used to enhance clarity and diffuse scattering of light. The flexible spring hinges on these frames add to the overall versatility of the glasses.

Adjustable silicone nose pads and end-tips ensure a snug, but comfortable and secure fit. The only drawback is that these aviator glasses are on the larger side and may not fit smaller face shapes as well. They also don’t seem to effectively block out as much UV or scattered light as some other choices on the list.


  • Brand: Blupond
  • Frame Material: Plastic
  • Polarized: Yes


  • Knight Visor technology design provides an anti-glare HD vision
  • A tough metal frame helps prevent damage if accidentally dropped
  • Comes with strong lenses that are built to fit over prescription glasses


  • Might be a little tight at the temples
  • Some users don’t like how bulky they are when used over prescription glasses

Blupond’s Knight Visor technology provides you with an anti-glare HD vision blue blocker lens that protects your eyes from blue light effects. While the name may suggest the lenses are blue, like all other nighttime driving glasses, they are tinted yellow. These glasses feature super-light lenses and frames that weigh a mere 35 grams and their simple design makes them easy to slip on and off quickly. Comfortable rubberized nose pads don’t press into your skin with that sharp plastic feel. Their tough metal frame construction is built to hold up against drops, dings, and dents.

Infused polycarbonate shatterproof lenses are designed for tough and challenging obstacles you’d find while cycling or mountain biking. Another bonus is they come with their carrying case and screwdriver to tighten any loose screws in the frames. While they are a great way to help your vision at night, you may not see results right away. It may take some time to notice a change in glare reduction with these glasses. The manufacturer says you’ll need to wear them for an extended period until you see a difference to get a better feel for them.


  • Brand: Spektrum
  • Frame Material: Scratch-resistant metal
  • Polarized: No


  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Lenses are a more understated shade than other models
  • Super lightweight, yet wide coverage


  • Not polarized
  • Only available in one frame color

The Illumin Night Driving Glasses prevent eye strain and help you see clearly with the aid of HD technology. They feature scratch-resistant, shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses to reduce glare and reflection. The metal frame is constructed with ultra lightweight metal with reinforced hinges for added durability. They're also useful in the daytime. The yellow tint of the lenses is less obnoxious and more understated than a lot of competing models.

They do a great job of diminishing the glare from oncoming headlights and illuminating reflective surfaces. They are designed for both men and women and come with a plastic storage case. Overall, they are sturdy, comfortable, attractive, and of good value. The biggest complaint about these glasses is they aren’t polarized. They also only come in a single frame color option. The lifetime warranty is an excellent selling point.


  • Brand: ATTCL
  • Frame Material: Al-Mg Alloy
  • Polarized: Choice of either


  • Great for also brightening surroundings on dreary and gray days
  • Improved color clarity and image sharpness
  • Super lightweight, corrosion-resistant frames


  • Frames are less sturdy than some other options
  • Concerns over the durability of the lens coating

The ATTCL Men’s Retro Driving Glasses are a pair of fashionable night driving glasses for men. They are designed with polarized resin lenses with a UV-protective coating that helps reduce headlight glare and sharp reflections by up to 20 percent. Plus, they improve color clarity. Durable alloy metal frames with flexible spring hinges provide a gentle grip around your face while a padded nose pad provides a comfortable fit. Each lens measures 2.2 x 2.1 inches and is available in multiple colors, including yellow, red, green, black-blue, and black-gray. They come in an elegant PU leather carrying case that would make a good gift package.

While the nose padding may feel comfortable on the face, it may make the glasses slightly wobbly and you may feel them move around when you are nodding. Also, the lens coating may start to strip away after a few months.


  • Brand: Bloomoak
  • Frame Material: Al-Mg alloy
  • Polarized: Yes


  • Breathable, comfortable, adjustable nose pieces
  • Shatterproof and scratch-proof coatings on lenses
  • Blocks 99.9 percent of UV rays


  • Not suitable for people who require prescription glasses
  • Nosepiece attachments seem flimsy

Sporting an Italian classic design, the Bloomoak Night Driving Glasses can help reduce the frustration of getting temporarily blinded by reflected light when driving at night. They have polarized lenses with an anti-reflective coating that filters reflected light and reduces glare from headlights. It also enhances contrast so colors and objects appear clearer. What’s more, the lenses have UV 400 protection that reduces surface reflections and eliminates 99.9 percent of harmful UV rays. They also have an anti-impact design for durability.

The frames are made of a lightweight metal alloy and are fitted with anti-slip silicone legs. Skin-friendly silicone nose pads help to reduce pressure on the face. As an added bonus, these glasses come with a protective hard case. Unfortunately, they may not be a good fit for people who need to wear prescription glasses when driving as they cannot be worn over regular glasses.

Our Verdict on Night Driving Glasses

When it comes to stylish and functional night driving glasses, there is no shortage of available options, but my top pick overall has to be the KastKing Polarized Night Vision Glasses. Featuring ultra-durable, flexible frames that are commonly used by the military, these glasses are not only UV- and heat-resistant, they’re practically indestructible.

For a great budget-conscious choice that will still provide excellent UV ray blocking, check out the Viugreum HD Night Driving Glasses. They feature ultra-lightweight and durable frames at a refreshingly low price point.

What to Consider When Buying Night Driving Glasses

When choosing the perfect pair of night driving glasses that are effective, comfortable, and don’t make you look like a glaucoma sufferer, there are a few key considerations that will make a significant difference. After all, you want to get a pair of night driving glasses that you’ll actually wear and won’t just end up getting crammed in your glovebox with fast food napkins, a dog-eared owner’s manual, and five prior car registrations.

Night Driving Glasses Key Features


The most important part of glasses is the lenses. They are what bring your view into focus after all. Lenses that are polarized help reduce glare from headlights, reflected surfaces, and harsh blue light. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact-resistant and are geared toward anyone who is more physically active. Also, look for lenses with protective coatings on them. These coatings can be anti-reflective to reduce eye strain from glare, reflections, or the halo effect around lights. They can also be scratch-resistant to keep scuff marks and scratches from ruining the lenses, and UV protection to help block the sun's rays from hitting your eyes.

Flexible Arms

The arms of glasses wrap around your ears to hold them in place. Making sure they fit comfortably will help ensure you don’t have to constantly adjust them. This can be tough to gauge if buying online. Standard arm lengths are between 120mm to 150mm, and many glasses manufacturers design pairs that are only 135mm, 140mm, 145mm, and 150mm. To see what size you may need, measure where the front of the glasses would be to just behind your ear.

Nose Pads

Finding a pair of glasses with comfortable, yet secure nose pads is a must. Pads are meant to be soft and pleasant on your face, not rough and uncomfortable. Plastic pads may end up putting pressure on your nose and lead to a headache and bruises on your skin. Rubber or silicone pads are softer and more tender on the skin, as well as more breathable.

Carrying Case

Having a place to stow your glasses when not in use is a good thing to keep in mind. Cases protect them from being broken or getting lost since you have a place to store them.


Night driving glasses come in a variety of different styles and colors, so it may take some searching to find the right pair for you. You can get a pair of aviators to match the duo in Top Gun or a vintage-looking pair of cat-eye frames.

Night Driving Glasses Pricing

Pricing for night driving glasses is pretty straightforward. For $10 to $20, you can get a wide variety of glasses that offer your eyes protection against bright lights and also help to reduce glare. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers!

Q: How do night driving glasses work?  

A: Night driving glasses are treated with a UV- and glare-resistant coating that helps to scatter and filter reflected light. They are recommended for people with photosensitive eyes as they can help reduce glare from artificial lighting systems such as headlights and traffic lights. 

Q: How can I measure my face for properly fitting glasses?

A: Measuring your face for eyeglasses is pretty straightforward:
1. Stand in front of a mirror and use a ruler to measure the distance between the center of your temples in centimeters. Multiply that number by 10 in order to get the mm measurement.
2. Next, measure the bridge of your nose between the inner corners of your eyes to determine the width of that. 
3. Measure from your temple to the back of your ear to get an approximate arm length.
Anything within 3 mm from these measurements should provide a good fit for you. 

Q: Why do night driving glasses have yellow lenses?

A: Night driving lenses are colored yellow because that is the most effective color at neutralizing and filtering out scattered blue light tones from oncoming traffic and streetlights. The yellow tint is also good at providing sharper contrast and definition in low light conditions.

Q: What if I have prescription glasses?

A: You can find a pair of clip-on night driving glasses or a pair of wrap-around glasses to fit over your eyeglasses. The size will vary, depending on the size of your glasses.

Q: Are polarized glasses good for night driving?

A: While polarized lenses greatly help reduce glare during the daytime, unless they’re the yellow-tinted polarized lenses, they’re not recommended for night driving. The filter on regular colored polarized lenses prevents certain light from reaching the eye and can actually create a dimmer, less accurate viewpoint at night.

Q: Can you wear night driving glasses during the day?

A: Night driving glasses were originally designed for hunters to allow them to spot birds more easily in the sky during the day. So yes, actually, night driving glasses can be worn during the day to help create a greater contrast in daylight conditions.