Best Safety Glasses: Eye Protection in any Environment

These top safety glasses will help you maintain clear vision and prevent injuries

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PUBLISHED ON December 19, 2019

Whether you're working around the house or at the construction site, eye protection is a must. From sawdust to acids, your eyes are exposed to dangerous threats all the time. That's why safety glasses are one of the most important parts of the working gear. They prevent injuries and infections and ensure a clear vision in the working area. To help you find the best safety glasses for your needs, we composed the following guide.

  • Best Overall
    Dewalt DPG94-1C Dominator Safety Glasses

    This is a high-quality pair of safety glasses coming from Dewalt. They meet safety standards and protect eyes against dirt, debris, flying objects, and more. Very modern and comfortable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 


    These glasses are rather versatile. Rubber-tipped temples prevent slips and ensure a secure, tight fit. The glasses are wide and cover a large eye area for more protection. Comfortable to wear for extended periods. High-impact resistance, anti-scratch coating, and UV protection. Come in five different lens colors.


    They lack side protection, which allows some dirt to slip underneath. Not resistant to fogging. A strong rubber smell lingers for some time.

  • Best Value
    Gateway Safety 6980 Safety Glasses

    These safety glasses are an excellent option if you’re looking for something inexpensive. They meet safety standards, which makes them versatile and convenient for general-purpose use. They fit over prescription glasses and allow for wearing earplugs. Comfortable and don’t cause fatigue. 


    Gateway polycarbonate lenses are impact and scratch-resistant. The lightweight frame makes the glasses suitable for different tasks. They feature adjustable temples for a perfect fit and stay in a secure position. Minimal pinching behind the head. Available in three different designs. Compact and modern style. Clear anti-fog lenses.


    There's no padding around the nose bridge. They might be uncomfortable for extended periods of time. Lack of sun protection for outdoor use.

  • Honorable Mention
    NoCry Over-Glasses Safety Glasses

    These NoCry safety glasses provide a high level of protection for the eyes. They prevent flying objects, dirt, debris, chemicals, and other harmful stuff from reaching the sensitive area. They also provide a comfortable fit and allow you to wear prescription glasses.


    These eyeglasses feature sturdy and durable construction. The polycarbonate lenses protect the eye area from all kinds of threats. Excellent impact protection. The side covers offer extra coverage. Clear lenses are scratch-resistant and block UV rays. Soft tips for less pressure behind the ears. Extendable arms for easy adjustments. 


    The lack of rubber on the nose piece causes the glasses to slide down the nose. Not the best protection below the eye area due to the gap between cheeks and glasses. 

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  • Consider the size of protective glasses before you make a purchase. The headband and the nose pad should be adjustable to fit different head sizes. 
  • Safety eyewear should fit your face perfectly, without being too tight or loose. When they are too tight and used for an extended period, they can be uncomfortable and cause headaches. When too loose, they can fall off while you're working, exposing you to threats. 
  • The best safety glasses also offer peripheral coverage. They feature side shields to prevent particles from reaching the eyes underneath the lenses. They also prevent ricochets and other dangerous side impacts. 
  • When looking for protective eyewear, consider the working area. If you're planning to work outdoors, look for safety glasses with UVA protection and anti-fog coating. Ideally, they'll also have UVB and UVC protection for more demanding tasks. 


Q: What do safety glasses do?

A: They are considered to be part of personal protective equipment that workers wear to protect their eyes. Safety glasses surround the eye area to prevent water, chemicals, dirt, and other particles from reaching the eyes. They prevent injuries and allow for clearer vision when working in dangerous environments. 

Q: When do I need to wear safety glasses?

A: Protective safety glasses are necessary on any construction site, as the danger of eye injuries is higher in this environment. They are required for jobs such as woodworking, carpentry, auto repairs, manufacturing, plumbing, and more. You should also wear them at home whenever you're working in an area filled with chemicals, flying objects, dirt, and other particles. 

Q: Can safety glasses affect my vision?

A: This is a common concern among many workers who are worried about looking through plastic lenses all day long. Safety glasses, however, won't damage your vision, and they are perfectly safe. The only bad thing is the fact that they could cause eye fatigue or headaches due to extended use. 

Final Thoughts

Dewalt DPG94-1C Dominator Safety Glasses is our top pick for several reasons. They provide a high level of protection and have proven to be useful in different working conditions. 

For those who are looking for a budget-friendly option, we recommend Gateway Safety 6980 Safety Glasses for its light and modern design.