Best Octane Boosters: Your Car Deserves Peak Performance And Protection

Maximize your vehicle’s efficiency and performance with these top-notch octane boosters.

byLisa Conant| UPDATED Jan 26, 2022 5:00 PM
Best Octane Boosters: Your Car Deserves Peak Performance And Protection

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BYLisa Conant/ LAST UPDATED ON January 26, 2022

When it comes to improving your car's performance and protecting it from untimely damage, an octane booster can make a world of difference. In case you're unfamiliar with octane boosters, they're designed to improve your engine's stability under compression by increasing the octane rating of the fuel you're getting at the pump. This contributes to cleaner performance, as well as protecting your engine from untimely wear and tear. Ideally, octane boosters are used every time you fill up your vehicle. Octane boosters work over time to thoroughly affect your engine and provide you with maximum performance.

If you're in the market for a new octane booster, we've got you covered with our in-depth review of some of the best octane boosters on the market. Our handy buying guide will teach you exactly what to look for to ensure you're getting a top-quality additive that won't let you down.

Best Overall
Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

Premium-quality race fuel concentrate. The blend can be customized depending on the user’s requirements. Has the capability of raising fuel octane level to 102. Highly effective and will not harm your catalytic converters or your O2 sensors.
  • Can be added to other additives to create a customized blend
  • Capable of servicing a wide range of engines
  • Off-the-chart efficiency and octane levels
  • Safe to use on most oxygen sensors and catalytic converters
  • Offers a clean fuel burn
  • Its sensitivity to light makes it difficult to store
  • Could cause irritation if exposed to skin
  • Pricey for regular use
  • Not suitable for old or two-stroke engines
Best Value

STP Octane Booster

A top-quality octane booster that won’t break the bank. It will clean damaging deposits that decrease your car’s horsepower and reduce knocking and pinging.
  • One bottle is capable of boosting up to 42 gallons of gasoline
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Compatible with most cap-less fuel systems
  • This octane booster is not for use with diesel engines
  • Many motorcycle users report not noticing any improvement in performance with this particular product
Honorable Mention

Royal Purple Max Boost

Royal Purple offers a powerful octane booster that raises the octane rating to 30 points. It's powerful, efficient, and the improvements show after only a few uses.
  • Formula enhances the overall engine performance, reducing knocking and pinging
  • Stabilizes the fuel, reduces emissions, and cleans the deposits
  • Completely safe for the vehicle engine
  • Not street-legal
  • Might stain the surfaces and shouldn't be exposed to sunlight
  • Must be stored in a dry and dark place

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Top Brands

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants Inc.

Klotz Synthetic Lubricants Inc. was founded back in 1959. The lubricant company manufactures synthetic racing oils, aerosols, and power additives. Klotz also produces racing lubricants, gear oil, and gasoline. One of its popular products is the Klotz Higher Octane Booster.

Torco Racing Fuels

Torco is an American-owned motor oil company founded in 1950 by Bob Lancaster. The company was formed after Lancaster invented the first ever 20W-50 racing oil in 1948. Torco manufactures all sorts or races car lubricants including racing fuels, additives, accelerators and apparel. One of its popular products is the Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator.


STP is an American-owned motor oil company. The name began as an abbreviation of Scientifically Treated Petroleum.  STP was previously owned by Armored AutoGroup that belongs to Spectrum Brands. STP deals in the manufacture of automotive aftermarket products such as lubricants, motor oil, and motor oil additives. One of its popular products is the STP Octane Booster.

Best Octane Booster Pricing

  • Under $30: There are a variety of octane boosters retailing at this price. However, most of the engine octane boosters at this price range will only offer basic functionality. Depending on the manufacturing company, octane boosters at this price range are popular due to their low price and basic performance.
  • $30 to $50: The best octane boosters can be found in this price bracket. These octane boosters have much better composition and can be used for a wide range of applications including fuel system cleaning, increasing fuel octane level, and preventing engine damage from knocks. 
  • $100 and up: There aren’t a lot of octane boosters in this price bracket. However, octane boosters at this range are premium products manufactured with the highest-quality ingredients for superior performance. They can be used for multiple applications, have good ratings, and offer the best results. 

Key Features

Octane Points Added

Depending on the Octane booster product you purchase, each will raise your fuel’s rating to a particular degree. If you are looking to get your vehicle to a very high-performance rating, you will need to shop for an octane booster that offers this. In most cases, it translates to high costs.


There are several ways to obtain the desired octane boosting effect. Quite a few chemicals will be able to achieve the same result, but unique effects normally accompany each other. It’s important to check this information before buying an octane booster since it could affect your vehicle. 


Before you settle for the best octane booster, you need to consider the type of vehicle you own and the type of engine it runs. Different engines have different requirements. Make sure you get the right gasoline octane booster for your vehicle.

Other Considerations

  • Frequency of Use. Before buying a particular octane booster product, it is important to consider how frequently you need to use it and what effect it will have on your vehicle in the long-run. Keep in mind that the octane booster is not a product to use for a single time. Costs can be recurring.
  • Performance. It is important to check if the octane booster you are buying will provide the required boost to suit your particular needs. Depending on the manufacturer, different metrics will be used to advertise their products. However, the best indication of how the product will perform on your vehicle is the octane number. 

Best Octane Boosters Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Torco’s accelerator has the capability of significantly raising your octane of premium fuel. For instance, you can get 91 octanes to 102 octanes by using a 32-ounce bottle with 10 gallons of gas. In case you are using a 32-ounce bottle with 5 gallons of fuel, expect 105 octane performance with this product.

Torco High Octane accelerator has been specially designed to be highly effective and will not harm your catalytic converters or your O2 sensors. Using this concentrated formula will also help improve your horsepower. 

One drawback to this quality product is that it can be extremely difficult to store since the concentrated formula is very sensitive to light. It also needs careful handling, as its exposure to skin might lead to irritation. Despite its high functionality, the Torco High Octane accelerator is pricey and is also not suitable for old or two-stroke engines.

STP has been a trusted and tested name in the automotive industry for more than 60 years, and it delivers another stellar product in its STP Octane Booster. This is a two-in-one formula that restores lost performance and simultaneously cleans your fuel intake system. And, it does it at a price that’s lower than many other competing products.

This booster will help restore lost horsepower by removing junky deposits that build up over time. It will also help decrease knocking and pinging. Its user-friendly bottle pours quickly and cleanly into your fuel tank without wasting a drop and works with most capless gas systems.

One or two drawbacks exist with this product: for example, many users report that this booster doesn’t work well with their high-performance motorcycle engines. It’s also not for use in diesel engines.

Royal Purple Max Booster is one of the best-rated octane boosters on the market. What makes it so special is a powerful formula that can raise the octane rating up to 30 points. That's quite impressive, and the results show almost immediately. 

Among the other things, this octane booster enhances the overall engine performance and reduces knocking and pinging. It stabilizes the fuel and reduces emission, while still being perfectly safe for the engine. 

Keep in mind that Royal Purple Max Boost is a racing formula, which means it's not street legal. Also, the powerful and thick liquid might stain the surfaces, so carefully handle the product to avoid accidental spills. On top of that, avoid exposing the product to sunlight and store it in a dark and dry place.

Lucas Oil products are a must-have when it comes to overall vehicle maintenance, especially for DIY mechanics and handypersons. The company offers reliability, efficiency, and durability, and things are no different with this particular octane booster. The product features a powerful formula that increases the octane numbers up to 35 points and improves vehicle performance to an impressive level. 

Although this octane booster features a powerful formula, it's still completely safe for the vehicle. It's suitable for fuel-injected and carbureted engines, promoting clean fuel burn and reducing emissions. It also prevents knocking and pinging. All in all, the Lucas Oil octane booster is an efficient product that will show improvements in your engine's performance rather quickly. 

One of the drawbacks of this product is the longevity. You might need to get and pour at least two bottles of the liquid before it starts to show improvements. Be aware, however, that the liquid might leave some thick orange residue if you pour more than needed. Try to dose the amount accordingly. 

Many users report a complete resolution of annoying engine sounds in as little as two treatments with this octane booster. Simply add one 10-ounce bottle of Gumout to an almost empty 15-gallon fuel tank, and let this efficient booster do its job.

This octane booster is also ideal for turbocharged and supercharged vehicles and will maximize your engine’s performance and fuel economy. Our favorite thing about this product (along with the fact that it works so well) has to be its price point. It’s one of the least expensive options on our list. 

Some users also report excellent results using this octane booster in their personal watercrafts. The only thing we would like to see as far as product improvement would be if it was offered in bulk purchase options instead of being only sold as single units.

BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster is a popular product that proves to be very efficient in protecting and improving the engine. The product works against knocking and pinging and improves fuel's octane rating. It also stops emissions and corrosion. 

The BOOSTane octane booster is rather versatile and works with all gasoline engines. It increases the octane rating up to 116 and comes in a bottle of 32 ounces. A little of this liquid goes a long way, so you can maintain your engine for quite some time with only one bottle. The results show quickly after the first uses, mostly in the form of smoother and safer rides. 

The main downside of this product is the price, so it's not suitable for those who are on a tight budget. The pack of four bottles is more cost-efficient but still quite pricey. Also, despite the company's claims, the octane booster might leave an orange coating on the spark plugs.

This octane booster formula gives you a quick and noticeable improvement in your engine’s function. It also works well to stop engine hesitation, knocking, and pinging. The increased octane in this formula gives your engine optimum spark timing, which not only leads to more power but can also decrease exhaust emission and improve your fuel mileage.

This formula is ideal for newer and smaller hard-working engines, classic muscle cars, off-road vehicles, and racing vehicles, making it one of the most versatile octane boosters available. In fact, it works with all unleaded gasolines, racing fuels, and ethanol E10, E15, and E85. One bottle can treat up to 20 gallons of gas and won’t harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

Unfortunately, the Rislone Octane Booster doesn’t play well with all fuels, including B2, B5, and B20 biodiesel. Some BMW owners also report substandard results with this particular brand.

The VP Racing Fuels 2855 Madditive Octanium Octane Booster deserves a shout-out for being a premium octane booster that’s been proven to boost octane numbers up to 80 points and ramp up your vehicle’s horsepower. It’s also designed to improve throttle response and acceleration times.

This 32-ounce can is also known to clean your car’s fuel injectors and eliminate varnish and gum build-up in the engine. As with most others on our list, the VP Madditive Octanium Octane Booster can also significantly decrease—and in many cases, completely eliminate—annoying pinging and knocking in your engine. 

A couple of things to note is that this specific blend is not compatible with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors, so double-check your owner’s manual before purchase. This octane booster will also turn your car’s internal combustion components red or rust-colored. It’s also quite pricey compared to many other options on our list.


  • Check your vehicle’s octane level before settling on a product. This information can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or underneath your gas cap. This value will let you know the recommended octane level your vehicle needs to perform well.
  • It is important to give your vehicle’s computer system time to adjust after using the additive. If you are looking to boost your vehicle’s performance for a track event, start using the product several weeks before.
  • Octane boosters are highly volatile, flammable, and toxic. It’s important to be cautious around them. If possible, avoid storing this product when not in use.
  • Before you set out to buy an octane booster, it’s important to find out when you shouldn’t use the product. For instance, octane boosters are not a substitute to fuel stabilizers or any other all-around fuel treatment products. 
  • For the best results, make sure you pour in the octane booster before filling your fuel tank. Wait until your fuel level is low before using the product. 


Q: How does octane affect engine performance?

A good octane level ensures that fuel in your engine’s cylinders ignites when it’s supposed to so it can provide maximum engine performance. It contributes to greater stability under compression to decrease engine knocking and pinging.  

Q: What do octane numbers mean?

The octane rating is the fuel’s ability to prevent pre-detonation or combustion before the spark plug is ignited. The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before igniting or detonating. 

Q: What is the proper way to use octane boosters?

The ideal way to use an octane booster is to add it to your car’s fuel tank on every fuel fill-up. Some people only choose to use it a few weeks before a big race or event when peak performance will be critical, but its effects are maximized with prolonged and continued use.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best overall octane booster, we love the Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator. This octane booster can serve a wide range of engines and boost your car’s octane levels as high as 102. It’s also compatible with oxygens sensors and catalytic converters. For a budget-friendly option that still delivers high-quality, reliable results, consider STP Octane Booster.