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Best Octane Boosters: Your Car Deserves Peak Performance And Protection

Maximize your vehicle's efficiency and performance with these top-notch octane boosters.

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When it comes to improving your car’s performance and protecting it from untimely damage, an octane booster can make a world of difference. In case you’re unfamiliar with octane boosters, they’re designed to improve fuel  stability under high compression by increasing the octane rating of the fuel you’re getting at the pump. While they certainly aren’t necessary for all cars, those that call for a higher octane level than is readily available will see significant improvements in performance and efficiency when octane boosters are used.

If you’re in the market for a new octane booster, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth review of some of the best octane boosters on the market. Our handy buying guide will teach you exactly what to look for to ensure you’re getting a top-quality additive that won’t let you down.

Summary List

Our Methodology

Octane boosters may be something we’re familiar with, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t rely on some critical research when building this guide. We made sure to read reviews and listen to what consumers had to say. This way, we could compare real-world use against what leading manufacturers claim to verify anything on our list is worth mentioning. Of course, consumer reviews are also how we were able to check ourselves to ensure no bias is factored into the list below.

Best Octane Boosters Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall: Torco Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

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Torco’s accelerator has the capability of significantly raising your octane of premium fuel. For instance, you can get 91 octanes to 102 octanes by using a 32-ounce bottle with 10 gallons of gas. In case you are using a 32-ounce bottle with 5 gallons of fuel, expect 105 octane performance with this product.

Torco High Octane accelerator has been specially designed to be highly effective and will not harm your catalytic converters or your O2 sensors. Using this concentrated formula will also help improve your horsepower. 

One drawback to this quality product is that it can be extremely difficult to store since the concentrated formula is very sensitive to light. It also needs careful handling, as its exposure to skin might lead to irritation. Despite its high functionality, the Torco High Octane accelerator is pricey and is also not suitable for old or two-stroke engines.

Best value: STP Octane Booster

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STP has been a trusted and tested name in the automotive industry for more than 60 years, and it delivers another stellar product in its STP Octane Booster. This is a two-in-one formula that restores lost performance and simultaneously cleans your fuel intake system. And, it does it at a price that’s lower than many other competing products.

This booster will help restore lost horsepower by removing junky deposits that build up over time. It will also help decrease knocking and pinging. Its user-friendly bottle pours quickly and cleanly into your fuel tank without wasting a drop and works with most capless gas systems.

One or two drawbacks exist with this product: for example, many users report that this booster doesn’t work well with their high-performance motorcycle engines. It’s also not for use in diesel engines.

Honorable Mention: Royal Purple Max Boost

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Royal Purple Max Booster is one of the best-rated octane boosters on the market. What makes it so special is a powerful formula that can raise the octane rating up to 30 points. That’s quite impressive, and the results show almost immediately. 

Among the other things, this octane booster enhances the overall engine performance and reduces knocking and pinging. It stabilizes the fuel and reduces emission, while still being perfectly safe for the engine. 

Keep in mind that Royal Purple Max Boost is a racing formula, which means it’s not street legal. Also, the powerful and thick liquid might stain the surfaces, so carefully handle the product to avoid accidental spills. On top of that, avoid exposing the product to sunlight and store it in a dark and dry place.

Best Overall Runner Up: VP Racing Fuels 2855 Madditive Octanium Octane Booster

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The VP Racing Fuels 2855 Madditive Octanium Octane Booster deserves a shout-out for being a premium octane booster that’s been proven to boost octane numbers up to 80 points and ramp up your vehicle’s horsepower. It’s also designed to improve throttle response and acceleration times.

This 32-ounce can is also known to clean your car’s fuel injectors and eliminate varnish and gum build-up in the engine. As with most others on our list, the VP Madditive Octanium Octane Booster can also significantly decrease—and in many cases, completely eliminate—annoying pinging and knocking in your engine. 

A couple of things to note is that this specific blend is not compatible with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors, so double-check your owner’s manual before purchase. This octane booster will also turn your car’s internal combustion components red or rust-colored. It’s also quite pricey compared to many other options on our list.

Best Multi-Pack: BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster

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BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster is a popular product that proves to be very efficient in protecting and improving the engine. The product works against knocking and pinging and improves fuel’s octane rating. It also stops emissions and corrosion. 

The BOOSTane octane booster is rather versatile and works with all gasoline engines. It increases the octane rating up to 116 and comes in a bottle of 32 ounces. A little of this liquid goes a long way, so you can maintain your engine for quite some time with only one bottle. The results show quickly after the first uses, mostly in the form of smoother and safer rides. 

The main downside of this product is the price, so it’s not suitable for those who are on a tight budget. The pack of four bottles is more cost-efficient but still quite pricey. Also, despite the company’s claims, the octane booster might leave an orange coating on the spark plugs.

Our Verdict on the Best Octane Boosters

Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator is tough to beat. This octane booster can serve a wide range of engines and boost your car’s octane levels as high as 102. It’s also compatible with oxygens sensors and catalytic converters. For a budget-friendly option that still delivers high-quality, reliable results, consider STP Octane Booster.

What to Consider When Shopping for Octane Boosters

Octane boosters are simple, and you’ll be in good shape with any of the products above. However, the more you know, the better. This is why we’ve put together this quick buying guide to help you better understand where your money is going. 

Key Features 

Octane Points Added

Depending on the Octane booster product you purchase, each will raise your fuel’s rating to a particular degree. If you are looking to get your vehicle to a very high-performance rating, you will need to shop for an octane booster that offers this. In most cases, it translates to high costs.


There are several ways to obtain the desired octane boosting effect. Quite a few chemicals will be able to achieve the same result, but unique effects normally accompany each other. It’s important to check this information before buying an octane booster since it could affect your vehicle. 

Additional Effects

Octane boosters may also feature detergents and other additives to help keep your engine clean. While not necessary to performance, these additional traits can also contribute to long engine life. If that’s a primary concern, it’s essential to pick a product that offers them to you, as some are designed solely with performance in mind.  

Octane Booster Pricing 

Octane boosters can cost anywhere from $10 to $100. The quality of the product and how much it achieves will be the largest factors driving the cost alongside quantity. Speaking of quantity, buying multi-packs will also significantly drive up the end price. 


Q: How does octane affect engine performance?

A good octane level ensures that fuel in your engine’s cylinders ignites when it’s supposed to so it can provide maximum engine performance. It contributes to greater stability under compression to decrease spark knock, or predetonation, that plagues high compression engines running pump gas. It only works for those engines, though, and can actually reduce performance for engines that require octane levels provided by pump gas.

Q: What do octane numbers mean?

The octane rating is the fuel’s ability to prevent pre-detonation or combustion before the spark plug is ignited. The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before igniting or detonating. 

Q: What is the proper way to use octane boosters?

The ideal way to use an octane booster is to add it to your car’s fuel tank on every fuel fill-up. Some people only choose to use it a few weeks before a big race or event when peak performance will be critical, but its effects are maximized with prolonged and continued use.


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