Best Power Steering Stop Leaks: Prevent the Steering Wheel from Locking Up on Your Drive

Stop leaks and prevent your steering wheel from locking up with these power steering stop leak fluids.

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON July 23, 2021

If your power steering has ever gone out, you’ve likely been shocked to discover just how much more difficult it is to maneuver your vehicle in the right direction. Modern cars need their power steering systems — otherwise, you could find yourself struggling to get to the side of the road when your steering fails or locks up. However, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping your power steering continues to operate smoothly, you can use a power steering stop leaks fluid.

These additives, which are mixed right in with your power steering fluid, can help prevent problems that cause loss of power steering capability. If your power steering system is leaking, leaving behind oil puddles under your car, or your steering system’s warning light is illuminated on your dash, you need to add power steering stop leaks fluid now. It could keep your vehicle drivable and safe — and it can help you avoid costly repairs. If you’re looking for the best power steering stop leaks fluid, we’ve got options you can use.

Best Overall
BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak 00232

BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak 00232


This power steering stop leak uses BlueDevil’s ‘Pour n’ Go’ formula to make it quick and easy to fix any leak, whether large or small.

  • Liquid can be used on both diesel and gasoline engines while working to recondition hardened or worn seals
  • Not a fast-acting solution and may take days or multiple applications to properly seal leaks around the O-rings
  • Comes in a single 8-ounce bottle
Best Value

Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak


This fluid contains high-grade oil and a multitude of additives to strengthen it for a guaranteed smooth operation.

  • Works great at any temperature or climate, so you won’t be left with clogs during winter or a sticky reservoir in the summer
  • Corrodes rust and does not foam
  • Available in a 12- or 32-ounce bottle
  • While it is more cost effective, it works best at stopping small leaks
  • For anything larger, you’ll want to invest in multiple or larger bottles
Honorable Mention

 Lucas Oil 10011 Power Steering Stop Leak


This power steering stop leak fluid is solvent-free and is combined with gas-extracted additives and oils.

  • Solution reduces the whining and groaning noise of a steering wheel that is losing power, making it quieter
  • Compound is made up of high-quality additives to break down rust and works great on older cars as well.
  • Can be purchased as a singular container or a pack of six
  • Bottle is on the smaller size and may only last a few weeks after applying it
  •  On the more expensive side

Benefits of Power Steering Stop Leak

  • Prevent steering wheel lockup. Modern cars tend to all have power steering, which means you have more control over the steering wheel. In the early days of the car, steering was much more difficult with mechanical linkages that left you cranking the wheel hard when you needed to turn. The fluid powering your steering wheel keeps it loose; without it, the wheel will start to lock up and be much more difficult to control.
  • Keep yourself safe. Making sure your car is topped off with power steering stop leak and fluid means you’ll be safer on the road. There’s no risk of the steering wheel locking up on you mid-drive, preventing you from turning or stopping the car.
  • Improve performance. Checking to make sure the power steering is constantly getting fluid will help keep the car running properly. Over time, a leak will wear down your car’s power steering and could damage other parts of the car. Making sure the reservoir where the fluid is kept isn’t leaking will keep your car running smoothly.
  • Save some money. Stopping a power steering fluid leak will ultimately save you money. Catching it before it gets worse means you won’t have to take the car to the shop for a full power steering repair, and doing nothing about it may lead to other problems and leave you with a hefty cost to your power steering unit.

Types of Power Steering Stop Leak

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oils contain a lower viscosity, which makes movement smoother for car parts and reduces internal friction. They are made up of additives that help corrode rust and are typically thicker to fill leaks and get rid of dirt and grime.

Top Brands


BlueDevil Products manufactures sealants for cars and more. It supplies more than 400 distribution centers across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South Africa. BlueDevil started selling products in 1997 and is known for the BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak 00232.


Headquartered in Chicago, Ill., Prestone makes antifreeze, coolants, brake fluids, and power steering products. It’s been in business since 1927 and sells the Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak.


First founded in California in 1947 by Fred Barton, Bars now resides in Holly, Mich. It makes high-quality stop-leak products for vehicles, including Bar’s Leaks 1630 Grey One Seal Stop

Power Steering Stop Leak Pricing

  • $5 to $10: Most power steering stop leak fluids are very budget friendly, priced at just $5 to $10. You’ll use one bottle for your steering system, and you can easily stock up if you need more. You’ll find you have plenty of options within this basic price range.
  • $10 to $15: More specialized or specially formulated power steering stop leak products can be found within this price range. These may be more premium fluid mixes, but they can also simply be larger containers of $5 to $10 products.
  • $15 and up: In this price range, you’ll find larger bottles of power steering stop leak fluid, or even multiple bottles sold together in bulk. While it might seem like the most expensive option, if you’re relying on this fluid often, it can save you money to choose bulk over cheaper, smaller individual containers. 

Key Features


Before choosing the best power steering stop leak, you need to read the label carefully. Not all anti-leak fluids will work for every car. Many are specifically designed for certain models like Honda or Ford. Make sure to double check the fluid before buying to make sure you don’t pour the wrong power steering stop leak into your car.


Additives in power steering stop leak fluids work to remove debris, neutralize acidity, and fill leaks. However, they are not a permanent solution to fixing a leak in your power steering. Over time, a leak can start again, and you’ll have to add the fluid again.


Some kinds of power steering stop leak fluid are made solely to prevent or solve the problem of leaking fluid. However, others are more versatile — and a more versatile option can be even more helpful. If you opt for a steering stop leak solution that can be used for a number of different problems or situations, you’ll get more value out of every bottle. These formulas can cost a bit more, since they can be used for power steering leaks and other scenarios, but if you have an older car you’ll find it comes in handy often.

Leak Severity

You may need a more highly concentrated or specialized formula depending on how severe the leak in your power steering system is. More severe leaks, or larger leaks, will require more stop leak fluid; they may also need a more powerful sealing compound to work. If your leak is pretty minor, on the other hand, you don’t need to worry much about the formulation and the strength.

Other Considerations

  • Frequency of Use. Before buying a particular power steering stop leak, it is important to consider how frequently you need to use it and what effect it will have on your vehicle in the long-run. Keep in mind that the power steering stop leak can be used multiple times before running out.
  • Bottle Size. If the leak is large and you’re unable to reach a mechanic, opting for a larger bottle size or more bottles is a good solution. Leaks aren’t filled or stopped instantly; they take time and several applications to be fully stopped up. This means you will use a lot of the fluid and may need more of the compound to get results.
  • Operating Temperature. While most power steering stop leaks fluid can work in any temperature, you’ll want to take special care when choosing a bottle if you live in a colder climate. Extreme temperature swings, or extremely low temperatures, can cause problems — and cause your power steering fluid plus any additives to freeze. Make sure to look for a product that’s suitable for use in cold weather and freezing temperatures.
  • Vehicle Size. All power steering stop leak fluids might look the same, but the size of your vehicle matters. If you’re filling up your car’s power steering system, any fluid that works for cars or SUVs is a fine choice. However, if you’re looking to repair a leak in your truck or RV power steering system, or another large vehicle, you’ll need a different product. Look instead for a stop leak fluid that’s made just for larger vehicles or your specific kind of vehicle.

Best Power Steering Stop Leaks Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak 00232 fluid makes it easy to put an end to leaking power steering fluid. The solution is made up of the company’s ‘Pour ‘n Go’ formula for simple and quick application to get you back on the road faster without the steering wheel tightening up. The liquid fills the spots where leaks are frequent and improves the condition of the power steering fluid and reservoir.

The formula also seals rack and pinion systems as well as differentials. A great feature about this power steering stop leak is it can be used on both diesel and gasoline engines. The liquid also works to recondition hardened or worn rubber seals, loosening them and making them more pliable. 

While it may be quick and simple to pour into the power steering fluid reservoir, it may take a few days until you see results. It’s not a “pour and wait a few minutes” kind of solution. You’ll need to drive your car for a few miles to see if the steering wheel continues to lock up or offers more freedom of movement.

Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak is a product that works great at not only preventing leaks but also stopping them from happening while you drive. It’s made up of what the manufacturer refers to as high-grade oil and a multitude of additives to strengthen it for a guaranteed no-leak, smooth operation.

What we liked about this power steering stop leak is it works well in any temperature or climate; it won’t get clogged up in winter months or leave the power steering reservoir sticky in the hotter months. One of the best benefits of this compound is it corrodes rust and comes with an anti-foam agent so you don’t get that rush of foam coming back at you while filling the reservoir.

It is on the less expensive side when it comes to power steering stop leaks, and that’s not always a good thing. While it does a great job at filling leaks, it works best on smaller holes. So, if you want to fill larger leaks, you’ll want to invest in more of the product.

Lucas Oil 10011 Power Steering Stop Leak is a solvent-free solution — and though it comes in a smaller container, it does a great job at stopping leaks. It combines with gas-extracted additives with special oils to fill holes and prevent loss of power steering fluid.

Another great feature of this power steering leak stop is it fights to prevent and reduce slack, squeals, and hard spots in worn rack and opinions. That gets rid of the annoying groan of your steering wheel and gives you a more pleasant time driving. The added components make it especially great for older cars since the high-quality additives break down rust and corrosion and fill leaks quickly.

While the saying “great things come in small packages” makes sense with this power steering leak stop, the size of this bottle is also a bit of a negative. It may only last a few weeks, leaving you to buy more bottles that are more expensive than other brands.

STP is a well-known manufacturer for car enthusiasts, and STP Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak helps ensure your steering wheel won’t lock up on you when you need it most. The fluid protects against everyday wear and tear and uses a 2-in-1 compound to get every seal in working order again.

The liquid also revitalizes dried, hardened, and shrunken seals with its special formula conditioner. Another benefit of this particular fluid is it is completely compatible with other approved power steering fluids. You may also save some cash if you buy online rather than at the store. 

However, it may only be good enough to repair small leaks as opposed to larger ones. You may also end up needing multiple bottles as the container is on the small side.

Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair is another great brand that makes many things necessary to keep vehicles running smoothly and effectively. The fluid will help restore the performance of your vehicle so you can get back on the road more quickly. It also works to quiet down worn and noisy pumps so you don’t get that whining sound when you turn.

The bottle also isn’t that bad-looking either, as it isn’t a standard gray color. This helps it stand out on your shelf if you need to grab it quickly. It is made up of a dual action formula that conditions and prevents future leaks. 

Although it may improve your steering for a time, it won’t last forever. You will be using this bottle over and over again until you get more or inevitably have to take the car to the shop. It is also a higher-priced steering stop leak than other brands.

If you’re looking for a good high-quality power steering stop leak from Bar’s Leaks, consider the company's Grey model. While you will only get an 11-ounce bottle, the price is certainly worth it, as is the fluid. This power steering repair is reliable and effective on small leaks and even some larger ones.

 It stops and seals leaks, restores O-rings, and works with all other types of stop leak fluids. One bottle treats up to 3 quarts of fluid. 

However, it doesn’t work all that quickly. It may take a few applications or a few hours before you see any significant results. You may want to stock up, as the bottle is small and you may end up using a lot.

If you’re looking for a highly versatile power steering stop leak solution, you’ll love what Valvoline MaxLife Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak has to offer. This two-in-one product, which comes in a 32-ounce bottle, works both to replenish your basic power steering fluid and repair any potential leaks hiding throughout the system. It’ll give you everything you need to keep your steering rotating and operating smoothly on the road.

And this fluid is specially formulated to target — and combat — the biggest causes of power steering system breakdowns. It can stop leaks with ingredients that recondition hardened, shrinking seals in aging vehicles; it can also protect against pump breakdown. This formula will block out foam, wear and tear, and oxidation or corrosion. And it’s perfectly safe for use in most vehicles, able to operate in temperatures as high as 405 degrees or as low as -48 degrees.

There’s just one drawback: Valvoline’s dual-use fluid cannot be used in Honda or Acura vehicles. 

Need to stop a leak fast? No Leak Power Steering Treatment is a fantastic solution, able to seal and stop leaks in no time at all. Specifically formulated to target leaks that happen as the result of dried, shrunken, or hardened seals throughout the power steering system, this fluid can actually stop ongoing leaks and prevent new ones from forming.

Each 16-ounce bottle of this power steering stop leak fluid is compatible with all types of power steering fluid. It’s safe and universal in its formula. It’ll work to lubricate your system, stopping any squealing that might be happening as you rotate the wheel. And it’ll also repair O-rings and seals in need of some TLC. This fluid swells, softens, and conditions. 

There’s one more big benefit to this power steering fluid: it’s backed by a 100 percent money-back guarantee. If you aren’t thrilled with the results once it’s added into your power steering system, you can get your money back.

Johnsen's Power Steering Leak Sealer and Conditioner combines high-quality ingredients into a single fluid additive that’ll condition and soothe your power steering system. Designed to seal up any leaks and protect future leaks from springing up along the seals, O-rings, and gaskets, this single fluid can offer plenty of benefits. And it doesn’t cost you a ton, either. 

This power steering stop leak product can be mixed with most factory power steering fluids. It’ll add conditioner and leak stop right into the flow of fluid, giving you a combination of protection and ongoing repairs. Sold in a 12-ounce bottle, you’ll get enough for one fill-up. As this fluid moves through the system it’ll keep seals soft and pliable, helping to ensure everything is tightly sealed — even as your vehicle sees a lot of wear and tear. Suitable for vehicles both old and new, just make sure to double-check that it’s a fit for your car’s factory fluid.

Here’s another two-in-one stop leak solution that can help you protect and maintain your vehicle: Armored Auto Group Power Steering and Stop Leak. Designed to work both as a basic power steering liquid and a stop leak additive, this specially formulated product offers help in multiple ways. It’s made to stop or reduce the amount of fluid you’re losing due to weak, leaking, and shrunken seals.

Add this power steering stop leak liquid into your vehicle, and it’ll prevent wear as it flows. It can even be used in place of regular power steering fluid, offering preventative maintenance as well as repairs where they’re needed. Each 12-ounce container revitalizes dried-out components, conditions for increased strength, and protects the pump from potential breakdown. It’s compatible with all approved power steering fluids too.

However, you’ll want to remember that this power steering stop leak can’t solve significant problems. If your power steering system has broken or scored seals, this additive can’t help — and shouldn’t be used.


  • Wear gloves, a mask, and protective eyewear while using a power steering stop leak. If it touches your skin, it may be difficult to clean off. However, getting it in your eye could lead to irritation or worse symptoms.
  • To see if you’ve successfully stopped a leak, leave a piece of cardboard under the car where the power steering fluid usually leaks from. After filling the reservoir with stop leak, drive the car around for a bit, then park it over the cardboard. Check the cardboard to see if any leakage took place.
  • It’s best to check the best operating temperature for different power steering stop leak fluids. Some are designed for cold temperatures, while others work better in warmer climates.
  • Check to make sure the solution you get is designed for your specific car, as mentioned above. Not all power steering stop leak products are universal.


Q: Does this product act like normal power steering fluid?

While many are a mix of power steering fluid and stop leak fluid, not all will be combined together. It’s best to get a separate bottle of power steering solution to use after pouring in the stop leak fluid. 

Q: Can I pour the solution directly into the power steering reservoir?

Many products allow you to pour the liquid in without emptying the contents beforehand. However, there are some brands of power steering stop leak fluid that will have you empty the previous liquid before filling it with the new solution. Read the bottle carefully before applying.

Q: Is this a permanent fix to leaks?

While power steering stop leak fluids may seem like a permanent solution to a problem, they only last a short amount of time. To truly fix a leak for good, you will need to take the car to a mechanic to get a better understanding of the leak.

Q: Can you drive a car with a power steering leak?

Technically, you’ll be able to continue driving your car while leaking power steering fluid for a while. However, as the fluid leaks out and isn’t replaced, the pump dries up — and that’s when your steering locks up, leaving you unable to move your vehicle without brute force. It’s better to take action as soon as you suspect a leak rather than wait. Waiting too long could leave you stranded or with costly repairs.

Q: Is power steering stop leak bad for your car?

As long as you choose a power steering stop leak product that’s suitable for your car and its power steering system, it’s perfectly safe to use. Damage and potential problems only happen when you choose an incompatible product. 

Final Thoughts

If you need a great power steering stop leak fluid for your car, we recommend checking out the BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak 00232.

You can save some cash and still get one of the best power steering stop leak solutions we found with the Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak.

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